Murder Chiara Gualzetti, the madness of the killer: “It seems unreal that he killed her”

Murder Chiara Gualzetti, the madness of the killer: “It seems unreal that he killed her”
Murder Chiara Gualzetti, the madness of the killer: “It seems unreal that he killed her”

Bologna, December 9, 2021 – “I know Chiara Gualzetti for about three years. Following the events of this morning I wrote her some messages in which I warned her that her parents were looking for her. But he hasn’t read them yet. “7 pm Sunday, June 27, Bazzano barracks: the 17-year-old who a few hours earlier killed Chiara, not yet sixteen, in the most brutal way is heard for the first time. his clumsy attempt at sidetracking, from that chat with the carabinieri, the last to be a free person. He, the last to be seen with the young woman Monteveglio, found the next day at the foot of the Abbey, overwhelmed by stabs than what he considered more than a friend. For which now the Prosecutor’s Office for minors he asked for immediate judgment. “He denied from the beginning – says father Vincenzo Gualzetti for whom the young man worked as an intern -, then he tried to make us believe he was pushed by a demon. Lies”.

Samael, “a being of fire”, will say at 21 June 28 – Chiara’s body was found at 4.38pm – this time as a murder suspect, “about my height, with wings and arms”. A being who “spoke to me every now and then, insisted that I kill someone. He instigated me to take what I wanted and to do what I wanted”. Killing poor Chiara, “lately unbearable”, spat out contemptuously at the military; “she had a soft spot for me and she was sticking to me.” The “strong urge” to kill her had appeared “already Friday”, but the thing jumped “since my cousin and another girl were present. I really struggled to hold back”. The terrible idea, however, will stick in his head, “I promised the demon, hoping he would let me alone for a while”.

Then here’s the confession: “I did it yesterday, Sunday. I wrote to you at 24 on Saturday announcing that I would go to see her “. The meeting at 10, the walk to the Abbey: “Arriving at the point, I convinced her that I had a gift and that I would turn around. I hit her behind the neck, then with great energy in the chest, always with the tip of the knife, while I covered her mouth. ” Twenty minutes of slaughter closed with kicks to the lifeless Chiara on the ground. It’s time to escape. The killer steals his phone, “I smashed it against the rocks, then the pieces thrown into the water. I kept the cover, I collect them”. Once home “I cleaned the knife, I put it back in the kitchen, I washed my shoes, they were very dirty with blood, before mom arrived. “A very lucid reconstruction, as the psychiatric consultant of the Prosecutor’s Office will also write according to which the demon was his invention. And the defendant peacefully able to understand and want The closing of the interrogation is also gruesome: “I realize that it may seem absurd what I did, incredible to be here and to have killed a girl. It all seems unreal to me, as if it wasn’t me who acted. “


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