Risk of outbreak at La Scala in Milan, dancers and extras infected: among them the No vax protest for too many tampons

The world of classical ballet is not doing too well. After the triumphal premiere at La Scala two days ago, the management of the Milanese theater is struggling between protocols to stem the infection from Coronavirus and a show – la Bayadère, with the choreography of Rudolf Nureyev – which should see its debut next December 15th. What is certain is that, at least for now, the date of the show is confirmed. And that today, December 9th, there will be a new round of tampons. But last week the tests had revealed the presence of three infected (a weakly positive dancer and two of the twenty-two extras involved in the show): immediate isolation. Yesterday then five more were added: a dancer (who will undergo molecular control today), two ballet maîtrees (the coordinators of the dancers) and two of the twenty children who should go on stage.

A situation that does not bode well and could only be the beginning of an escalation of infections. As if that were not enough, some items reported by The day, they say that the percentage of vaccinated dancers “would be lower than that achieved by other artistic bodies (we are talking about 70%) and much lower than the 90% of immunized in the whole of Lombardy”. And some of the No vax would have complained about the periodic swabs they are subjected to by the theater, “claiming that they already do the tests outside every 48 hours to get the Green pass.”

However, the cases of contagion have not yet triggered such an alert among the top management as to require a halt to the activity of the corps de ballet. But the Cub union is not of the same idea, and has already written to the metropolitan ATS, also reporting the case of an infected hairdresser and talking about a “situation out of control”. A meeting is scheduled for this afternoon between the top management of via Filodrammatici and the union delegates of Cgil, Cisl, Fials and Uil to take stock and update the anti Covid protocol.

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Risk outbreak Scala Milan dancers extras infected among vax protest tampons

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