She couldn’t get vaccinated, Martina struck down by the covid at 14: “Let’s hope the No Vax understand”

Martina was only 14 years old and was struck down by covid-19. She died Wednesday morning, due to respiratory failure that caused her to have a fatal cardiac arrest. Martina Campanile could not be vaccinated due to her previous pathologies.

I hope that ignorant people understand that covid exists, that it is a monster that can destroy you and above all those who are vaccinated must understand that we must not let our guard down.. We must still respect the rules and not believe that because we are vaccinated we are exempt. The virus is now mainly affecting children and this makes us understand that adults are letting their guard down and children are paying the consequences.”, The appeal of the 14-year-old’s mother to the newspaper The Rest of the Carlino.

Martina was hospitalized since last November in the pediatric resuscitation ward of the Salesi hospital in Ancona. He suffered from a rare genetic disease and had undergone a renal transplant with pharmacological immunosuppression. So he couldn’t get the coronavirus serum. The infection was fatal for her: her conditions immediately appeared very serious, so critical that mechanical ventilation was necessary in addition to pronation cycles.

When she arrived at the hospital she was 41 with a fever. “We have done everything to try to save her – he said to The Corriere della Sera Alessandro Simonini, head of the pediatric anesthesia and resuscitation department of Salesi in Ancona, the hospital where the girl had been since last November 5th – but already at the time of admission Martina was in critical condition and her lungs were quickly damaged. It is also to protect people like you that you need to get vaccinated“.

“My beloved daughter, fight and do not give up, show who you are, show that you were born a warrior, and amaze everyone”, wrote her mother Rita in a heartbreaking post on Facebook. “My life this is what you are you are a born champion and when this nightmare that we are now experiencing will end and you will return to us you will have won a ruthless war but this time you will have won and you will win the most important cup in the world that of the life of strength and courage because this is you, immense love you are. you are a warrior, joy. Go my life fight and show who you are the doctors will know you and they will all be amazed I love you immensely and every minute of the day I think of you and even if I am not physically there I am with the thought with the heart and with all the soul go life my“.

In recent weeks, both the monitoring of the national institutes and the pediatricians had highlighted the progress of the pandemic among the youngest. The anti-covid serum was therefore also authorized for the age group from 5 to 16 years: the administration will start on December 16, with a reduced dose. Not even a year after the start of the vaccination campaign, Italy is close to 100 million inoculations.

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couldnt vaccinated Martina struck covid Lets hope Vax understand

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