who is likely to wait more than a month for the recall

The vaccination campaign for third doses continues without interruptions or slowdowns. In fact, at the moment the numbers of administrations are the highest recorded since after the summer.

Numbers complicit in the choices of the Draghi Government to introduce the instrument of reinforced green pass (the so-called “super green pass”), but also because of the openings at dosi booster for the entire population over 18.

A first cause for concern for the vaccination campaign seems to be the shortage of Pfizer doses. On the other hand, the Moderna vaccine is surpassing the other mRna vaccine by administration. Part of the already vaccinated population is delaying the administration of the booster dose for fear of heterologous vaccination, i.e. with a different vaccine than the first and second dose. According to experts there is nothing to fear.

The requests for third doses are increasing

In relation to the introduction of the reinforced green pass and the opening of booster doses (third doses) from 18 years of age up, the vaccination campaign has resumed increasing the doses administered daily. At the moment the number of vaccines inoculated per day travels at an altitude 400 thousand, as had not happened since the summer.

An unexpected increase for the Government and for the General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, which welcomed the participation of the population in the new phase of the vaccination campaign with satisfaction. The gap between expectations and reality is almost 80,000 more administrations and this could lead to a “bottleneck” effect.

Third doses: Pfizer vaccine is missing for the booster dose

There is no shortage of vaccines at the moment: stocks count 5.4 million doses in refrigerators, of which 3.3 million modern vaccines, which however are worth 6.6 million doses. So where is the problem? The risk is to run out of Pfizer doses, those for which most of the population books.

In fact, many are preferring vaccination with the same vaccine already administered for the first and second dose. Thus we are witnessing an inevitable “bottleneck”, for which people who want to vaccinate with Pfizer will have to wait for the delivery of new doses, slowing down the positive effects of vaccination coverage; while the doses of Moderna risk being left unused in the refrigerators.

Third heterologous doses: what the experts say

However, experts have long confirmed that heterologous vaccination, i.e. with a different vaccine even if from the same mRna family, is a better choice than using the same vaccine for the first and second dose.

The studies conducted so far confirmed that the protection against Covid-19 with heterologous vaccination is greater. Moderna’s vaccine efficacy is higher than that of Pzifer and, by combining the two vaccines, the risk of contagion or developing severe symptoms is lower.

There is a possibility of side effects, as is already the case with vaccination with the same vaccine. The most common side effect found is the fever. So the benefit of heterologous vaccination far outweighs the risk of a fever.

In conclusion, the experts say that there is no difference between Pfizer and Moderna, both are effective against Sars-CoV-2 and the variants known today.

When will Pfizer doses return?

Fear of the heterologous vaccination it is not supported by any scientific evidence, but the experts wanted to emphasize that they understand the fears of citizens. This is why they are convinced that, beyond the choice of Pfizer or Moderna, the important thing is to continue to be vaccinated.

Currently if you try to book the dose booster with Moderna the date for administration does not exceed a few days of waiting, given the large number of stocks present. However, the situation is different if you try to book the third dose with Pfizer, for which you have to wait up to a month.

Vaccination centers and hubs are sipping Pfizer’s supplies as supplies arrive. Authorities have made it known that a new cargo (10 million doses) of Pfizer-BiONtech is coming for the end of December 2021 and the beginning of January 2022.

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