ATM, is it true that you need the Green Pass to withdraw?

The news is circulating on social networks that without the Green Pass it would not be possible to withdraw money from the ATM

ATM (Adobe Photo)

“To withdraw al ATM you must have the Green Pass”. This report is coming from many customers of banking institutions who are testifying how they cannot withdraw at the ATM without the Green Pass.

The report runs on social networks and in a short time it has become viral: photos, comments and shares that portray, within the monitor of an ATM, a Qr code like that of the Green pass. What’s true in all of this?

ATM, can you withdraw only with the Green Pass?

ATM (Adobe Photo)

As we all know, starting from Monday 6 December the Reinforced Green Pass. Its introduction has confused many people who, days later, still have not understood the difference between the basic Green Pass and, in fact, the reinforced one. But do you really need the Green Pass to withdraw money at the ATM?

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“No green pass no withdrawal? No eat. Thanks” they write in Facebook posts sharing a photo of a bank counter with a QR code on the screen. “Have we arrived at what we Conspiracy theorists thought?”. It’s still “No grinkax no withdrawal? Have we arrived at what we Gombloddisdi thought? ”.

Let’s get rid of this doubt immediately: the entrance to the bank and public offices is always granted, also without green certification. This includes the indoor areas where there are ATMs and other ATMs. Obviously there are no problems with ATMs located on the street.

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What is circulating on the web is therefore one hoax. The photos uploaded by users in the hoax posts are nothing more than QR codes to allow cash withdrawals without using the card. In fact, many ATMs offer this possibility: you just need to have a device with NFC technology or one smartphone with camera that can read QR codes. Qr codes are in fact used for encrypted information and for identity confirmation.

The presence of a QR code is therefore not equivalent to the presence of a Green pass. Furthermore, the green certification requires the reading of the VerificationC19 application and these controls are not provided for at all bank branch operations.


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