Renzi makes the move of the horse, proposes Bonetti in the college of Rome and displaces Letta

Renzi makes the move of the horse, proposes Bonetti in the college of Rome and displaces Letta
Renzi makes the move of the horse, proposes Bonetti in the college of Rome and displaces Letta

After Giuseppe Conte’s escape in style on 8 September, displaced by the threat of clashing in the college of Rome Center for the Chamber of Deputies, Matteo Renzi dropped the heavy card of the Minister for Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti. Recipients of the proposal: Pd and also M5s. A way to flush them out. By laying down the prejudices on the M5s, which however do not exist in that college, Renzi has made one of his horse moves and it is as if he had said to Enrico Letta: if you say no, then you don’t want to build anything “large”.

But the Nazarene also took this badly and seems ready to bring one of his own onto the field, either Enrico Gasbarra (strongly desired by the “Romans” led by Nicola Zingaretti and Goffredo Bettini) or Cecilia D’Elia, of the national secretary, who Enrico Letta would prefer: “This time there must be a candidate,” he said, then launching a man like Conte. Or the former trade unionist Annamaria Furlan, who in the end could be the name that everyone agrees on.

Until last night there was no sign of life on the part of Letta and his family while an influential “Roman” dem explained to us that certainly «the Democratic Party will nominate one of his or her exponents, Enrico Gasbarra or Cecilia D’Elia». We will see if in the next few hours the Nazarene will make his move or if he will go straight on his way, perhaps having to explain why he wanted a “narrow field” Pd-M5s but not a “wide field” extended to the reformists.

The game of chess therefore continues, and it is a war of nerves that has by now something cloying like all things in which reality and fiction are confused and mixed: is it in Central Rome that we need to solve the national problem of alliances? Is it in central Rome that a piece of the race at the Quirinale is being played out? Evidently this supplementary election is being loaded with a general meaning that hinders a bit everything: first the iron agreement Pd-M5s wrecked due to Conte’s timidity, now a possible Pd-Iv-Action alliance even with the M5s only because the seat would end at Iv. The paradox is that this time the Democratic Party is on the verge of saying no to the much-sought-after Campo largo which, in order to be serious, also provides for the “sale of our boarding school” – say the dem – as in fact had happened with the people’s advocate. A speech which, however, does not apply to Minister Bonetti, esteemed but not considered too close, as you will recall, it was her resignation and that of Bellanova that concretely determined the crisis of Conte 2.

If Pietro Castellitto had spoken of North Rome as “a Vietnam” it must be said that he was in the wrong area: it is Rome Center which is becoming the Vietnam of the center-left. Fortunately, the day of the vote, January 16, is not far off.


Renzi move horse proposes Bonetti college Rome displaces Letta

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