Usa, the QAnon sect of the ‘Messiah’ Protzman that worries Dallas: between reincarnations of Jesus, prophecies about the Kennedys and suicidal thoughts

Usa, the QAnon sect of the ‘Messiah’ Protzman that worries Dallas: between reincarnations of Jesus, prophecies about the Kennedys and suicidal thoughts
Usa, the QAnon sect of the ‘Messiah’ Protzman that worries Dallas: between reincarnations of Jesus, prophecies about the Kennedys and suicidal thoughts

“I am Jesus Christ!”. While the 58 year old Michael Brian Protzman from Seattle, a former demolition expert, proclaims himself the reincarnation of the Messiah, someone in the small crowd surrounding him faints. “When I looked at it, I felt like I was looking at God. It was very powerful “, he will say later, after regaining consciousness, Randell Moody, a rapper who calls himself online Pryme Minister. For a month now, Moody has been staying on his property just outside Dallas, in Texas, a part of Protzman’s group, conspiracy theorists of QAnon defendants at the place ofmurder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to attend the announcement resurrection of his son John Junior, who died in a plane crash in 1999. Most of them, however, stay at the Hyatt Hotel in Dallas, where they move in clusters between the lobby and the convention hall trying to decipher complicated alphanumeric codes. Protzman persuaded them that they could make predictions based on the gematria, a numerological doctrine of the Jewish kabbalistic tradition which he merged with passages from the Bible and with the eschatological heart of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Combining letters and numbers according to the method of the English occultist Alaister Crowley, Protzman predicts, from time to time, the date of the reappearance of Kennedy Jr. who, back to life, would support Donald Trump in the presidential ticket of the next elections.

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“These are crazy”, they write in chats Telegram other QAnon members. The hypothesis is even too weird and extreme for their standards, they dream military courts chaired by the former president for execute left-wing politicians and stars dedicated, so they believe, a trafficking of minors e satanic rites in the basement of the pizzerias in Washington. Even the traditional Kennedian conspiracy theorists, who gather in Dallas every year on the anniversary of Jfk’s assassination, have a low opinion of it. Kris Millegan, one of the speakers at the conference on the plot to kill the president, met with QAnon millennialists as they prayed, sang and waved trump and Kennedy Jr. gadgets and became convinced they are the unwitting tools of a psychological operation of some secret society.

Unlike the original QAnon, the splinter cult shaped by Protzman does not cultivate though violent fantasies and it is organized in a way top-down, with a charismatic leader who guides their choices. Last March, under the pseudonym of Negative48, Protzman created a Telegram channel that quickly rose to more than 100 thousand subscribers. Curiously, the first post was published the day after her home foreclosure notification Federal Bay, on which they hang overdue payments for almost 50 thousand dollars.

Despite a past as a sincere conspiratorialist – al Seattle Times the ex-sister-in-law told of her habit of listening to hate radios, American radio stations focused on broadcasting right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories -, Protzman is taking advantage of the credulity of his disciples for solicit donations. He asks money for room and board in Dallas, even for the prom dresses that will be worn during the celebrations for the return of Kennedy Jr. There are those who gave the group 200 thousand dollars, those who consider withdraw their pension funds.

Of the nearly 1,000 people who have followed Protzman to Dallas, taking flights from the far corners of the United States, many have since abandoned him for financial reasons. They could no longer afford to bear the economic burden of failed prophecies. After John John’s failed resurrection at 12:29 on November 2, the same time as his father’s murder and in the same square where he was killed in 1963, Protzman led his folks to a concert by Rolling Stones. Three hundred dollars for a ticket with a new messianic promise: behind the features of the band members, he guaranteed, there were several dead celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Prince and Jfk Jr. himself, now replaced by Keith Richards. Regardless of the economic difficulties facing his loyalists, Protzman also encourages them to undertake risky investments, come buy Iraqi dinars and Vietnamese dong, to prepare for a terrifying global currency collapse and thus become rich by speculating on catastrophe.

To the magazine Rolling Stone the relatives of the Kennedian QAnon expressed concern, not only for the dilapidation of personal and family assets, but above all for the psychological repercussions of the collective disappointment. They are afraid of never seeing their loved ones again. Compared to November 2, Protzman’s following has dwindled consistently, yet, as can be seen from the videos posted on Saturday December 4, in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza there are still dozens of people, especially women, cheerfully dressed like a committee welcome: red t-shirts with the faces of Trump, Jfk and Jfk Jr. and bizarre cardboard with the head of President Kennedy. “If you’ve been in Dallas for weeks waiting for Jfk Jr. and Michael Jackson to return, what will you do when you go home to your family again? You will say ‘Sorry, was I wrong?’ No, you will insist, ”the QAnon researcher said Mark Rothschild interviewed by Dallas News. “The more the situation goes on and sinks in, the more difficult it is to get out of it. It is at that moment that the possibility of harm yourself and others“.

To worry less, paradoxically, are the anti-Semitic content that Protzman tries to convey on Telegram: documentaries about Hitler e Holocaust denier films which revise the Second World War, overturning it as a conspiracy of communist Jews against the innocent Nazis. For now the Dallas group is peaceful and cooperative and neither the local office of theFbi born there police, contacted by Vice News, have detected suspicious or illegal activity. Rather, there are two other reasons for concern. The first is the underestimation of the pandemic. In the last few days, several of them have confessed that they have lost taste and smell. Protzman, no-vax like all QAnon, told them that the elite dome of the New world order he uses molecular swabs to search for the DNA of the blood lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, of which the Kennedys themselves would be a part.

The second cause for concern is Protzman’s influence over the people around him. His closest circle is kiss the ring which he wears on his finger, as if to a God, and everyone obeys him on command: in some photos his followers can be seen mechanically arranged in single file in the Dealey Plaza, while he, apparently with a little bird on the shoulder, points to them, one at a time, the silhouette of a pyramid, a disturbing symbol of the Illuminati, in reality nothing more than the triangular peak of the tallest skyscraper in the city. Dallas residents, who went to the plaza to have a laugh, came back frightened, shocked by thesectarian atmosphere. “We have to experience physical death to let go of the ego, get to the other side and encounter the truth “, Protzman’s disciples began to suggest in what seems, to all intents and purposes, the explication of suicidal thoughts. Protzman himself posted on Telegram the screenshot from a navigation app showing as the final destination Waco, Texas, where in 1993 74 people, including children, they died in a fire, possibly set from within, during the FBI siege of the sect’s refuge David Koresh. Started as a farce, the story of those who awaited the resurrection of John Kennedy Jr. risks ending in tragedy.

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