boom of foreigners over the top

boom of foreigners over the top
boom of foreigners over the top

Everyone better and better at Christmas? Not at all. Many, really many, seem to literally “go out of their minds”.

Rome, he takes a naked bath in the fountain in Piazza della Repubblica: the agents in the water to arrest him

It will be the Covid effect or the fear of being once again entangled in the mesh of loneliness or the protagonism of social media, but in Rome and its surroundings in the last few days the deeds of authentic Carneades are going crazy on which instead the limelight lights up. And whose companies, definitely over the top, also manage to open the doors of the courts.

As in the case of the foreigner who – braving the freezing temperatures but also the men of the municipal police, – he threw himself “as mom did” inside the fountain in Piazza della Repubblica. The naked dive could certainly not go unnoticed: only it took several minutes and a good dose of courage even on the part of the traffic police to grab and handcuff the deranged exhibitionist, who slipped into the water like a Christmas cap.

And what about another black man instead, in the middle of the Immaculate Conception bridge, did you point a knife at the policemen on guard at Termini Station, spreading a good dose of terror among tourists and travelers?
Another surreal scene, that of the Algerian who – last Monday – shirtless and holding a belt damaged several cars parked in the Pigneto area (in Piazza dei Condottieri) then hit the windshield of a car in transit and, when the driver (scared to death) got out of the car, he too wounded him in the face with his belt. “Out of the blue” stuff

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boom foreigners top

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