Crowd for the Immaculate Conception, jump of fines for the masks – Chronicle

Crowd for the Immaculate Conception, jump of fines for the masks – Chronicle
Crowd for the Immaculate Conception, jump of fines for the masks – Chronicle

Crowds in the cities for the Immaculate Conception bridge that anticipates the Christmas holidays. And still many around without a mask, although many municipalities have imposed the obligation even outdoors. Thus the sanctions of the police are growing: yesterday they were 3,541 against 2,077 of the previous day. On the other hand, the fines for the ‘super green pass’ are down: out of 135,792 checked yesterday, only 619 were found in an irregular position (0.45%). On Monday there were 937 (0.78% of the total). There was also an increase in the number of business owners who were sanctioned: 264 out of 15,823 businesses audited (on Monday there were 175).
The plan of strengthening of controls fielded by the prefectures, which made its debut on Monday, when the decree law that introduced the reinforced green certification came into force, has therefore entered full capacity. The numbers of people arrested by agents have doubled from last week. The goal is to keep them. With the bridge just passed there was in fact a first taste of the festive atmosphere, with so many people on the street, in the shops and in the clubs that will accompany the country until Epiphany.

The random intervention of the police forces in the places of nightlife and at greater risk of gathering aims to dissuade from improper behavior. And if on the front of the reinforced green pass the Italians seem to have complied with the rules, also due to the unwillingness to pay the penalties provided (from 400 up to a thousand euros), the mask is still considered an optional. In the white zone there would be no obligation to take it outdoors (which instead takes place with the yellow zone), but many mayors have imposed its use with special ordinances to prevent the possible increase in infections. The governor of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto, also did it throughout the region. And from today the protection device is mandatory even in the historic center of Trento. “The trend of the infections leads us to immediately adopt a measure”, explained the mayor Franco Ianeselli. Among the novelties of the decree is the enhanced pass on public transport. A measure not frowned upon by several municipal companies for fear of reactions against the controllers. And the first cases are registered. Yesterday in Florence an Ataf bus controller was attacked by a passenger who had been asked to show the green pass. The man allegedly slapped the uniformed employee and then walked away. The police investigate the matter and will acquire the images of the surveillance cameras in the area to trace the author. The mayor, Dario Nardella, is tough: “Fortunately – he writes on Twitter – these are rare incidents in Florence, but the gravity remains completely. We strongly condemn. I hope that the police find the person responsible”. Similar scene in Messina. In this case, the victim is a conductor attacked by a hauler who had asked to show the green certificate before boarding in the port of Tremestieri. To avoid the worst was the coast guard, an ambulance also intervened to assist the employee in a state of shock.

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And after a period of calm, the no vax people make themselves heard again. About 300 people – many without masks, including families with children – took part in an unauthorized demonstration in the afternoon at the Redipuglia Memorial (Gorizia). The rally was launched via social media. The police who guarded the area then intervened and in the next few hours they will try to identify those present also thanks to the video surveillance footage. There were no clashes.


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Crowd Immaculate Conception jump fines masks Chronicle

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