The incredible fate of the college in the center of Rome snubbed by right and left – Il Tempo

The incredible fate of the college in the center of Rome snubbed by right and left – Il Tempo
The incredible fate of the college in the center of Rome snubbed by right and left – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

09 December 2021

Special offer. A contract territory. Loan voters. It is the incredible fate of the first college in Rome for the Chamber. There they vote on January 16, because he was once elected there Paolo Gentiloni who then went to Europe, and then Roberto Gualtieri who in turn went to the Capitol. And the poor voters have to memorize the name and telephone number of their college deputy every time. It is not a question that concerns only the left, of course. Next Thursday, in seven days, therefore, the parties – all with their coalition alignments – will have to dish out the candidacies.

Enrico Letta he does not know which fish to take after having collected the no di Giuseppe Conte, who was saddened by the threats of Matteo Renzi e Carlo Calenda. In turn, Renzi proposes to the Democratic Party and the Five Stars to nominate the minister for the family Elena Bonetti, which at a guess shouldn’t even be from Rome. Maybe it will end up that the center-right, to get out of the embarrassment, will ask for Alessandro Di Battista to apply for Berlusconi, Salvini e Meloni. In short, we do not understand anything about what could happen in the noble college of Rome, which also brings good luck given the rapid careers of Gentiloni and Gualtieri.

In short, it can also be a taxi college for future businesses. It makes it clear Michele Anzaldi of Italia Viva: “If the Democratic Party proposes a truly reformist candidacy rooted in the territory, there has been talk in recent days of Enrico Gasbarra who won all the local elections in which he stood in that college, how could you not support it? ”. Without asking the question whether the good Gasbarra wants to apply or not.

Certainly, that of Gasbarra – despite the resistance of the interested party – is a profile that is liked by many in the Roman Democratic Party and not only on the left. His candidacy and eventual election, is also explained by parliamentary sources, would not even conflict with the need to keep him “warm” for the next regional ones – the taxi is ready – when he leaves Gypsies. Therefore, the Cinquestelle will still be with the Democratic Party even without a name on the card. Calenda and Renzi will still be against both only for the pentastellata presence in the alliance. On the right, the mortorium. Nothing at all. It will be a girl. No, an accountant. Ok, method Michetti.

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