Mattarella alla Scala, Prof Bassani accuses the bourgeoisie of Milan

We publish a reflection that the philosopher Marco Bassani has entrusted to Facebook

The high Milanese bourgeoisie it fomented the expulsion of the excellent Austrian administrators in 1848. In the summer in the Lombard-Venetian plain, the peasants welcome the Austrians with the cry of “our people are coming”. In Milan the people murmur “it was the gentlemen”. The wealthy classes of Milan fell in love with a Savoy, a very bizarre and impracticable unifying and centralizing project.

Subsequently, the bourgeoisie breathed a good sigh of relief when in May 1898 Fiorenzo Bava Beccaria massacred the “crowd that asked for”. After a couple of decades he looked at San Sepolcro the nascent Mussolinism with a slightly benevolent eye. The bourgeoisie of the most important city of the Italic areas looked to the regime much more kindly and partly also in Salò. Except declaring herself an anti-fascist and a partisan after the collapse of fascism.

In the postwar period it was divided between pro-Soviet e non-Stalinist communists, to then wink at the more violent extra-parliamentary left. In 1976, the attack on the first of the Scala of youth proletariat circles was only a family war. In the 1980s, the same bourgeoisie supported the socialist sack of Milan, to then jump on the bandwagon of the petrified purifiers once the first party powerhouse was filed away. She split up a bit on Silvione, but the character was so elusive that it was difficult to pronounce. Some cared about the Milan pool, others sided with Silvio: on the other hand it is sad to recognize him, but not everyone here is cheering for Milan.

In the last decade the Milanese bourgeoisie is bewildered, but how Confindustria takes sides “always on the side of the government”, as long as he is not elected. The four minutes of applause to the President of the Republic yesterday are in full harmony with everything that historically represents the Milanese bourgeoisie: its own absolute irrelevance and subordination.


Mattarella alla Scala Prof Bassani accuses bourgeoisie Milan

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