The People of La Scala and other nonsense we do not need

The People of La Scala and other nonsense we do not need
The People of La Scala and other nonsense we do not need

​​Perhaps, in the future, it will be necessary to find a middle way, just to avoid the risk of going directly and without warning from the invectives against the caste, the elites and the establishment – which would have made politics deaf to the suffering of the people by now. – to the performances of public emotion due to the applause given to Sergio Mattarella by the stalls of the Scala in Milan. With fine analysis to weigh the number and intensity of the voices raised by that august assembly to invoke the “bis”, as if it were really a representative sample of Italians, and a reliable demonstration of what the authentic popular will is.

There is no need to regret the days when the student movement threw eggs at furs, tuxedos and evening gowns in front of the theater entrance, to find something excessive in the way newspapers and newscasts accounted for a similar episode. And even those who, like me, think that an “encore” by Mattarella would be by far the best solution for the Quirinale, first of all as a guarantee of Mario Draghi’s peaceful stay in Palazzo Chigi until the end of the legislature, should be wary of certain reflections conditioned.

The fact is that there has always been a very close link between the populist rhetoric against parties and the exaltation of the savior of the country called from time to time to the Quirinale or Palazzo Chigi to solve what the parties would have messed up (even when evidently, it was precisely the parties that found and put the aforementioned saviors of the homeland in a position to operate).

Those who dream of a return to a physiological confrontation between right and left should keep away from both of those trends: because the campaigns against the parliament of the worst are perfectly complementary to the rhetoric on the government of the best.

In fact, hoping for Mattarella’s re-election and Draghi’s stay at the head of the executive does not mean desiring the commissioner of politics and the prolongation of the state of emergency indefinitely, but the exact opposite. It is to get out of the emergency, and to rebuild a political system capable of finding the necessary agreements and compromises without needing to be on the edge of the ravine, that the conditions must be created so that Draghi and Mattarella can carry out their task.

Premature sanctifications are often the necessary premise for subsequent and equally unjustified demonizations. Many presidents of the Republic have known similar ups and downs, and imagine if Mattarella does not know, for whom the cinquestelle came to ask for indictment just three years ago.


People Scala nonsense

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