«The Veneto in the yellow zone? We are a laboratory »- Corriere.it

«The Veneto in the yellow zone? We are a laboratory »- Corriere.it
«The Veneto in the yellow zone? We are a laboratory »- Corriere.it
from Marco Cremonesi

The president of the Region: «It is essential to get immunized in order not to risk ending up in the orange zone. The threats no vax? A bad climate “

“Today is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. A great man who lost his life because of a sick mind ». Luca Zaia he speaks on the phone and, as president of Veneto, reflects on the wave of threats to those who “simply do what the law prescribes. That is, vaccinate ».

You have been receiving threats for a long time. Did the situation get worse with the no vaxes?
“Unfortunately, the sign of the times is that this has become routine. I receive the threats and send them to the prosecutor’s office ».

For instance? What kind?
“Recently, there were those who made a video to explain to interested parties where I live. Step-by-step directions, then posted on social networks, with related comments… ».

What did you do?
“What I told you. I forwarded the matter to the prosecutor’s office ».

Were there any consequences?
“Yes: surprisingly, archiving was requested.”

And how does it come out?
«Verbal assaults and threats are often very heavy, the climate is bad and should not be underestimated. But what bothers most is having to accept that we are all associated with a series of conspiracy conjectures, from wanting to establish dictatorships to Freemasonry to criminal activities. The problem is that if the tones are not lowered, sooner or later some sick mind will feel invested with the divine mandate to attack someone. History teaches it: it is something dangerous. For this reason, vax and non vax, we must all work to ensure that the confrontation is civil. Avoiding stimulating some sick mind ».

In Veneto there has been a leap in infections. Worried?
“Unfortunately, the Veneto in the history of the epidemic is a sort of laboratory. We have learned that each wave is a story in itself and changes in the scenario are sudden ».

Well, we will have some fixed points more than February 21, 2020 in Vo ‘Euganeo … or not?
“Of course. For example, the effectiveness of vaccines is palpable. Today we have a third fewer hospitalized with the same infected. To keep up with the numbers, today a vaccinated person has 6.8 times less chance of getting infected and 8 times less chance of being hospitalized. With us, 83% of patients admitted to intensive care are unvaccinated, and 53% of those in ward. And mind you: the unvaccinated are only 14% of the population “.

Does the Omicron variant risk changing the scenario?
“This variant, which we have isolated, is yet another and will not be the last. The virus is a quick-change guy: he goes blond or dark, he changes … but he always is ».

The problem remains that the number of infected people in Veneto is high.
“The fact is that we are the region that makes the most swabs in Italy. The true figure is not the number of positives, which today are 3,500, but the ratio between the number of swabs and the positives. According to the ISS report, the Italian average today is 2.4%, the Venetian average a little less, 2.3%. And there are Regions that far exceed the national average ».

But you yourself said to foresee the yellow zone …
“There are three parameters for passing the zone. The incidence, and we have already crossed the threshold for two weeks; the ICU occupancy rate, and we surpassed it last week; finally, the occupancy rate of the beds in the non-critical area: the threshold is 15%, we are 11%. In short: the answer is yes. We will probably enter the yellow zone again ».

Imagine restrictions for holidays?
«By itself, the super green pass allows us to live as before. The yellow zone simply means wearing the mask even outdoors. The real problem is the orange zone, but for the Veneto at the moment I don’t see any risks. After that, we must not let our guard down and vaccinations remain fundamental. But I am satisfied because the first doses have multiplied and we are doing well with the third ones ».

Always skeptical about the possibility of vaccination?
«Not skeptical: pragmatic. I say this as a convinced vaccinist: if the point is not to make some fine but to get vaccinated, I would like to understand how to do it. I ask those who propose the obligation to explain to all of us how it would technically be implemented. I refuse to think that in a country where if you fail your child you resort to tar, people can be vaccinated against their will by using the public force. Look at Germany … It has introduced the obligation for people over 60, but what happens if one does not get vaccinated? They give him a fine of 100 euros. To the good connoisseur, a few words ».

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