Superbonus, for single-family houses the Isee roof jumps to 25 thousand euros

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An agreement to be finalized already today. This is the goal of the new majority meeting in which the Government could provide the first concrete answers to the requests, now signed by all political forces, to review and, if possible, eliminate the too many constraints that the Government wants to introduce to the superbonus of the 110% with the Budget Law. The cancellation of the Isee ceiling of 25 thousand euros to allow individuals to be able to carry out energy efficiency interventions or to make single-family units safe (for the record, houses), was shared by all and the Government would be ready to review its position.

The decision on the Isee roof

As the undersecretary for the economy, Alessandra Sartore, clearly implied, at the end of the meetings on Tuesday 7 December on the maneuver, stating that on the superbonus “a synthesis is being finalized to arrive at shared changes”. And the Mef today 9 December should provide its indications starting from the evaluation of the costs of a complete removal of the Isee roof or its remodeling for 40 thousand euros.

For the 5 Star Movement, the convergence of political forces is all on their proposal, that is to extend the full 110% (without Isee roof) to the villas from June until the end of 2022, with the forecast of a single state of progress (30% and not 60%) as at 30 June 2022. The limit of the first house and the date of issue of the sworn work start certification would also jump.

The knots to untie

A game, therefore, that is about to unlock, but not yet closed, also because on the table there are other aspects still under discussion. Starting with the bonus that, according to article 9 of the budget bill, from 1 January it will be accessible for the whole of 2022 but with a reduced percentage: from the current 90% it will pass to a less attractive 60%.
The majority forces are asking for an extension without rate cuts even longer than 2022, as Forza Italia would like. But squaring the circle on this point appears more complicated, especially for the roofing it requires.
Suffice it to say that the Democrats’ proposal for a six-month extension of the bonus up to 90% until next June 30 is estimated by the Democrats themselves at € 600 million. The same amount made available by the Government for all Parliament amendments to the budget bill.
Without considering that some groups are evaluating the possibility of exerting pressure on the executive also to start, with this maneuver, a path of reorganization of all building bonuses with the aim of making them structural and binding them, as for example the Democratic Party would like , at the Pnrr also from a “green” point of view. But in this, the spaces to quickly find a shared solution appear to be minimal to say the least.

Anti-fraud measures

On the other hand, the hypothesis of adjustment to anti-fraud measures, which merged with a government amendment in the budget bill, seems to be more easily practicable. The objective of many parliamentary groups, which would be substantially shared by the rapporteurs, is to set certain thresholds under which certification would not be required with the obligation to secure the procedures in progress, thus avoiding a retroactive application of the rules . And the government has not closed the door, reserving, with cover in hand, the possibility of reaching a reformulation of the corrective measures proposed by the political forces. Although in this case the indications of Palazzo Chigi and the Mef could arrive not immediately, but close to the votes in the budget committee, set for Tuesday 14 December.

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