Martina Campanile died of Covid at the age of 14 in Ancona. Mom: “The virus is a monster”

Martina Campanile died of Covid at the age of 14 in Ancona. Mom: “The virus is a monster”
Martina Campanile died of Covid at the age of 14 in Ancona. Mom: “The virus is a monster”

Ancona, December 9, 2021 – Martina Campanile He did not make it. She passed away yesterday around noon later more than a month of agony. A blow to the heart for the family, for so many who have prayed for her. Has contracted Covid at 14 years and he fought with all his strength to stay alive at the Salesi hospital, in intensive care.

“We have little hope but Martina will fight”

“The sudden worsening of his condition led to a rapid precipitation of the haemodynamic conditions up to the cardiocirculatory arrest not responsive to cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers”, let the company know. United Hospitals of Ancona. Martina, who lived in Osimo, had some comorbidities, including genetic pathologies and had suffered a kidney transplant resulting in pharmacological immunosuppression. For the latter reason she had not been vaccinated. According to the hospital, the girl’s condition worsened, especially due to the progressive deterioration of lung function, so much so that it was never possible to consider extubating her.

Rita Scherillo, the 14-year-old’s mother, while she was already intubated, she had thrown a appeal on social networks for her daughter and told what had happened. The fever had reached 41 when doctors admitted her on Wednesday, November 3. In the house there was even the little brother, positive, perhaps due to an infection at school.
“On Wednesday, at night, she began to saturate badly, the fever was very high and did not go down even with tachipirina and when the doctors gave her lungs, the umpteenth, they saw that they were now gone”, she said.
They took her away in intensive care and sent her mom home.

“It is also to protect people like you that you have to get vaccinated – says the doctor Alessandro Simonini, head of Anesthesia Intensive Care of Salesi -. The comorbidities that Martina suffered did not affect the contagion and the post-infection course. The only factor that could have weighed is the kidney transplant undergone a few years ago but the girl’s death is due exclusively to Sars-Cov2, not for other causes. The lung was literally destroyed by the infection.
We are not never even managed to hope to be able to extubate her, the lung did not recover and more or less two weeks ago we lost all hope of recovering it, now finished by the virus “.
Martina struggled between life and death and she never left the hospital anymore.

“I hope ignorant people understand that covid exists, which is a monster that can destroy you and above all who is vaccinated must understand that we must not let our guard down. Need still respect the rules and do not believe that because you are vaccinated you are exempt – said the mother -. Martina was subjected to kidney transplant two years ago and this summer she was hospitalized for two months at the hospital in Padua where she was followed up because she had the rejection of the transplanted kidney. She spent seven hours in the operating room where they saved her life. My daughter is a child who has been fighting since she was born, she is a fighter.
At the beginning when they started her therapy she seemed to be doing welland, better, he had no respiratory problems. It suddenly worsened precisely because of its problems. We broke up with a kiss, I said please, always show what you are to everyone. She put her hand on her heart and said “I swear to you”.

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