“If I had denounced him, he would have killed us all” – Corriere.it

“If I had denounced him, he would have killed us all” – Corriere.it
“If I had denounced him, he would have killed us all” – Corriere.it

The exclusive interview with the weekly «Oggi» of Maria Cotoia, the wife of Giuseppe Pompa, killed by his son Alex. “I’ll tell you about our hell at home”

Maria Cotoia, 53, the wife of Giuseppe Pompa, the man killed by his son Alex, 20, who was acquitted in the Court of Assizes of the murder charge, tells the weekly Today
, on newsstands from Thursday 9 December, the chilling details of life in hell that the tragedy ended. As Alex declares, “If I went back, I’d rather die myself,” her mother reveals: “My husband was an impossible man, ferocious, full of anger towards me, towards my children and towards the world. It was enough foolishness to make him mad, that evening he was furious because while spying on me he saw that a colleague had put his hand on my shoulder. It hurts me when they say “why didn’t you report him?”. This is a question that can only be asked by those who have never lived in hell. If I’d reported him, we’d all be dead. He yelled at us every day: “If you call the police, I have already killed you before they arrive.”

Then he tells: «He tortured me: I couldn’t do anything without him, not even go to my mother or my sister. He came with me to the general practitioner: I also went there to ask for help. I wanted to recommend a psychiatric visit but I could never speak because he was there ». And again: «Once our other son, Loris, said to him:“ Dad let’s go to the psychologist, let’s do something. I can’t take it anymore, I’m so tired that I no longer want to live, I would like to throw myself out the window “. And he said, “Come on, do it. I am happy so everyone will understand that it is your mother’s fault ”».

Violence for all, documented by audio. And Loris reveals a Today: “We were recording audio because Joseph (his father, ed) in his madness premeditated murder. On birthdays and on holidays he forced us and above all my mother to take pictures smiling together, hugging each other, to send him messages of wishes with hearts, tender things that could prove that everything was fine, so if one day he killed us, he would show the messages claiming that we were a normal family; “Look here” he would have said. He’s gotten to use our phones to text himself. It was like planning. We knew that sooner or later he would kill us and we hoped that the investigators would be able to find our phones with the audio that exposed him ».

And the mother: «When I heard the audio in the classroom I was terribly ill: how did I manage to resist, to endure even slaps and punches? To put up with the fact that as soon as the crisis passed, he demanded effusions and intimacy, or would he start again? Alex used my foundation to cover the bruises on her face. It was an infinite pain to see his efforts to hide what he was enduring and to try to have a normal life outside the home even by working hard at school ».

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