Fiaso, the number of No Vax in Intensive therapies grows by 32% in two weeks. But it drops by 33% among the vaccinated

Fiaso, the number of No Vax in Intensive therapies grows by 32% in two weeks. But it drops by 33% among the vaccinated
Fiaso, the number of No Vax in Intensive therapies grows by 32% in two weeks. But it drops by 33% among the vaccinated

ROMA – The curve of hospitalized in intensive care due to Covid follows two opposite lines: on the one hand the number of No Vax hospitalized in those wards is still growing by 32%, on the other hand that of vaccinated people decreases by 33%. And, among those hospitalized in serious condition, there are no people who have completed the vaccination course for less than 4 months. Photographing what has happened in the last two weeks inside the 16 Italian sentinel hospitals is Fiaso, the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals. Data collected and analyzed by the Federation through its health network which in the last week also show an overall increase in hospitalizations for Covid equal to 10.1%, going from 810 patients on 30 November to 892 inpatients on 7 December.

In addition, a total of 97 hospitalized in intensive care units with an increase of 2% compared to a week ago when they were 95. There are 77 unvaccinated patients while those vaccinated are 20. It should be emphasized that the vaccinated are all people who have completed the cycle vaccinated for over 4 months. In addition, 75% of the cases involve subjects suffering from serious comorbidities and with an average age of 69 years.

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by Michele Bocci

08 December 2021

Different numbers, however, for the unvaccinated, Fiaso points out: the people who ended up in intensive care without ever having had a dose of the vaccine are on average younger, 62 years old, and in 42% of cases they do not suffer from other diseases. Also noteworthy is the difference in the age range that between the vaccinated is between 47 and 85 years and between the unvaccinated between 21 and 83 years.

“In one week, the growth trend of hospitalizations of unvaccinated patients in intensive care and the simultaneous reduction of vaccinated patients in serious conditions is consolidated – explains the president of Fiaso, John Best – this is a further confirmation of the effectiveness of vaccination in protecting against severe forms of Covid. However, we have chosen to analyze the condition of patients vaccinated in resuscitation and we have found that they are all subjects who have completed the vaccination cycle for over 4 months: this on the one hand suggests the good protection of vaccination in the first months, on the other it confirms once more important is the importance of an anticipation of the third dose, especially for frail elderly people. It is therefore necessary to accelerate the administration of the third dose at the end of the 5 months as set forth by the Ministry of Health “.

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by Antonio di Costanzo

07 December 2021

Furthermore, Fiaso notes, the average age of those who end up in hospital rises to 75 years among the vaccinated, while it is lower, equal to 64 years, among the unvaccinated “with a gap of 11 years”. The total number of patients under 18 admitted to Fiaso sentinel hospitals is 19 of which 1 in intensive care. Overall stable hospitalizations in one week. Half of the patients are over 5 years old. “50% of children hospitalized for Covid – explain from the Federation – fall within the age group that will be able to access vaccination starting from December 16”.


Fiaso number Vax Intensive therapies grows weeks drops among vaccinated

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