No Tav, night of tension in Val Susa: carabiniere wounded

No Tav, night of tension in Val Susa: carabiniere wounded
No Tav, night of tension in Val Susa: carabiniere wounded

One more tense night in Val di Susa. More violence branded No Tav. Another law enforcement man injured during the clashes. Stones, paper bombs and rockets were launched during the assault organized by the social centers near the San Dinero construction site. “The constant intimidation of the No Tav antagonists against men and women in uniform is unworthy and unacceptable”, commented the interior secretary, Nicola Molteni. who took the opportunity to emphasize the need for “investing in safety and protecting the police force is a must”. In fact, in the budget law there are few resources destined for the police. “For this reason – underlined Molteni – we have presented amendments in order to protect the sector, I appeal to all political forces: they must be supported and approved”.

Another mobilization will take place this afternoon No Tav. As usual, the demonstration that will see the participation of numerous opponents from other cities and coordinated by the Askatasuna social center in Turin. Antagonist, no global and no-everything in Val Susa to take sides against the realization of the work. About a hundred participants are expected. Already last night two groups of troublemakers, made up of about fifty people in all, attacked the worksite on the two main sides, the quarry side and the highway side. Stones, paper bombs and rockets, an attack that led to the intervention of the police. The police, rushed to the scene, repeatedly rejected the demonstrators using fire hydrants and tear gas. During the clash, which became more violent from 10.30 pm to 11.30 pm, a carabiniere, as anticipated, was hit by a stone, resulting in a wound on his side. However, no news has yet been reported about the conditions of the demonstrators. The men of the Digos of Turin are now investigating yesterday’s events, intending to trace the identities of all the participants in the assault.

Unanimous condemnation by the League, with the leader Matteo Salvini who takes the side of the wounded carabiniere and denies all forms of violence. “We can no longer stand the violent and enemies of the future. My solidarity with the wounded carabiniere and my commitment to be among them as soon as possible“, wrote the secretary of the Carroccio on Facebook. In the same vein, the Northern League MEP Alessandro Panza (“News of unacceptable violence and shameful aggression by the antagonists No Tav once again arrives from the construction site for the new autoport in Susa. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured carabiniere. The League has presented amendments to protect the security-defense sector, I hope that all political forces will share them, concretely demonstrating their support for the police“), and the group leader in the Chamber Riccardo Molinari (“What happened in Val di Susa was very serious. Now less chatter and more protection for the police. Adequate resources and concrete means are needed against the violence of the No Tav antagonists“, he has declared).

My utmost closeness to all the agents involved in the safety of the construction site and to the workers who professionally do nothing but carry out their job“, commented the parent company of Come on Italy to the Claudia Porchietto Room. “However, it is in no way tolerable that after all these years violent groups are still allowed to endanger the police and construction site workers. I expect the Interior Ministry to make itself heard and be resolved once and for all.“.

To condemn the events of last night too Brothers of Italy, who through the Turin deputy of the Brothers of Italy Augusta Montaruli attacked the Ministry of the Interior, guilty of not taking a position, and denounced the current situation in Val di Susa. “The truth is that the government is totally embarrassed. There is only a need for political will which, however, is hiding in an indecent blame game that we ask for an end to the political forces that govern. Lamorgese has an infinity of demerit stars on his chest, including the situation that has now fallen into the valley“, said the representative of FdI, once again asking for the resignation of the minister.

We really hope that we will no longer have to witness such unworthy scenes. The Tav is not discussed“, declared Daniela Ruffino, deputy of Coraggio Italia.

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