Fury of OnePlus users: the new OxygenOS 12 has many bugs

Less than a day ago, the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro received the update to Android 12 with the OxygenOS 12. There is only one problem: there are many bugs

New OxygenOS 12 released for OnePlus, but full of bugs (YouTube screenshot)

After the initial release for the serie Pixel by Google, Android 12 it is also expanding to all other smartphone manufacturers. Yesterday it was the turn of OnePlus, with models 9 and 9 Pro who have received the update to the version with the OxygenOS 12. So good news, if it weren’t for a “small” problem.

According to the numerous reports that arrived on the net immediately after the release, it seems that the software in question is full of bugs. But not only that, because this new version would even have removed some functions among the most comfortable, which users had been accustomed to using for years.

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OnePlus and all the problems of the OxygenOS 12

Here are some of the main problems encountered by users (Adobe Stock)

A real disaster, with users OnePlus that they are not giving peace to the company. Since the new version of the system software was released, the web is full of reports. They have been removed some features very useful such as the ability to change the application icons, the customization of the Android status bar, the ability to disable Google Feed, remove the battery icon and much more. And there are also several problems related to receiving phone calls, with slow and poorly implemented animations. And you can go on indefinitely, between slow WiFi connection and so on.

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A slip that has given rise to numerous criticisms. Many are convinced that, due to the merger that took place with OPPO, superficial work has been done. Poor care and little attention, a shame considering the wait that was there. If you also own one of these two devices, the advice is to wait for a new fixed version before proceeding with the update.


Fury OnePlus users OxygenOS bugs

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