Drag Race Italy, here’s what happened in the fourth episode

Drag Race Italy, here’s what happened in the fourth episode
Drag Race Italy, here’s what happened in the fourth episode

Priscilla has renamed it «the turning point… of an ostrich»: the fourth episode of Drag Race Italia (extraordinarily available on Discovery+ two days early) is a rush to the final on Christmas Eve. Small parenthesis: at midnight the site of the platform suffered a crash due to the really massive simultaneous accesses (demonstrating the success of this very successful Italian edition).

Donatella Rettore stands out among the guests of the evening, which the hostess defines as “one of us, a drag in the body of a beautiful woman”. The most colorful? Giancarlo Commare to whom all the public would have liked to ruffle his black curls like Chiara Francini did. Beloved in SKAM Italia, romantic cubed in the saga of On the most beautiful (takes the place of Giuseppe Maggio) and irresistible in comedy Masculine singular, has hit the mark, thanks to a colorful fan and a lot of irony.

The episode, however, begins with the bright tones of the unpublished off-airs peppered with the insults of Enorma Jean, who was cautioned with a lipsynch against Ava Hangar, the other competitor who railed fiercely against the judges’ judgments. Between the two it is the Sardinian queen who wins (deservedly), among the screams of the companions who celebrated the farewell of the 46-year-old. The only moment in the competition in which he portrayed his nails was the confession of his HIV-positive status: in that parenthesis he laid down his weapons to show an unprecedented humanity. Never was Sashay away more welcome.

Returning to the real challenges, however, the idea of ​​makeup in the dark in ten minutes for the minichallenge was promoted with flying colors, under the watchful eye of Michele Magnani, MAC’s global senior artist (who offers the winner a year as an ambassador and a collection of her signature). The victory of Elecktra Bionic is deserved, seasoned with a healthy dose of self-irony (“I change my face every two weeks”).

On this occasion Tommaso Zorzi gave perhaps the first funny curtain: during the make-up session of Luquisha Lubamba – who defines himself buiofoba – alarmed, he communicates the presence of a spider on his arm. Whether it was suggested by the authors or that it was born from a personal epiphany, it doesn’t matter, it’s funny.


Drag Race Italy heres happened fourth episode

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