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Alessandro Rossi is already the father of a child: the mother of the former Pupa speaks

Published on December 8, 2021

Twist: the Francesca Cipriani’s boyfriend, the entrepreneur Alessandro Rossi, would have a “secret” son. Secret in the sense that al Big Brother Vip, in whose Casa Rossi he also lived for a few days, never mentioned. Not even the former Pupa has mentioned it, which is quite strange considering that one of the characteristics of the most watched reality show in Italy, like it or not, is precisely that of delving into the privacy of the competitors.

The news was made known by the weekly Nuovo, directed by Riccardo Signoretti, which made it known that Alessandro and Francesca would not have informed the program of Rossi’s own son. Cipriani’s mother also confirmed that the businessman active in the construction sector is already a father.

According to reports Nuovo, the young entrepreneur in his thirties would not have told everyone the truth. An anonymous source reportedly told the magazine that Rossi would have a three-year-old child. Also according to what the Signoretti weekly writes, Francesca Cipriani and Alessandro would have concealed the issue also from the editorial staff of Big Brother Vip.

Francesca Cipriani confirms that her daughter’s future husband is already the father of a three-year-old child

Francesca’s mother, Mrs Rita De Michele, reached by the magazine Nuovo, confirmed the news. “It is true”she said, adding that her daughter has also already met Rossi’s ex-girlfriend, that is, the baby’s mother. Cipriani would also have already met the baby.

It remains to be understood why the Big Brother Vip, regarding Alessandro and Francesca, was talked about everything except one so important fact. It should be remembered that in the Canale Cinque reality show orchestrated by Alfonso Signorini, Rossi also asked to marry his partner, through a brilliant marriage proposal organized during a prime time. Absolute silence, however, as regards the paternity of the entrepreneur. Now the news has leaked, becoming public domain. And who knows that the issue will not be addressed at GF Vip either.

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