Bruno Vespa / With his wife Augusta Iannini stuck in the elevator: “It gets worse!”

Bruno Vespa / With his wife Augusta Iannini stuck in the elevator: “It gets worse!”
Bruno Vespa / With his wife Augusta Iannini stuck in the elevator: “It gets worse!”

The reporter and host Bruno Vespa, will be the protagonist of the new episode of I Soliti Ignoti – The Return, broadcast tonight, Wednesday 8 December, immediately after the 8.00 pm edition of Tg1. Its presence in the Rai1 game conducted by Amadeus will inevitably lead viewers to focus their attention on the purely private aspects of the well-known television face and Italian journalism. Just in the past hours Vespa and his wife Augusta Iannini they were the protagonists of an unexpected misadventure on the eve of the Prima della Scala.

The two spouses, in fact, found themselves stuck inside the elevator of the Entreprise hotel in Corso Sempione in Milan, where they are staying. In order to free the 77-year-old journalist and his wife, the intervention of the firefighters was necessary and they were thus able to free them. Intercepted by the news agency Ansa, the landlord of Porta a Porta showed off his innate irony also in this circumstance, commenting almost amused: “It gets worse”.

Bruno Vespa and the usual relationship with his wife Augusta Iannini

Just recently Bruno Vespa had been a guest on Francesca Fialdini’s show, Free-wheeling from us, to which he had revealed an unprecedented and tender side at the same time. To the presenter he had revealed that he was able to be moved with a sunset: “I get excited easily”, he commented, making known all his love for life and for nature.

Returning to his private life, the famous Rai face is united in marriage to Augusta Iannini, magistrate, since 1975. The couple has two children, Federico ed Alessandro and he doesn’t like the lights of gossip at all, to the point of being very reserved in private. Also for this reason there are not many statements about his wife but precisely in a rare interview granted by the journalist’s wife, Mrs. Vespa had revealed the secret of their love and their solid bond: “A life full of different passions and interests. I like walking and I love the mountains, he prefers boating. Bruno loves opera, I love cinema more. So we never get bored “, He said. The demonstration was the last accident on the way in the lift where, however, they were together this time!



Bruno Vespa wife Augusta Iannini stuck elevator worse

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