Prologue confirmed for early 2022

Prologue confirmed for early 2022
Prologue confirmed for early 2022

It hasn’t been heard of for a while now Abandoned, the controversial title for PS5 from Blue Box Game Studios subject in recent months of a rather confused and hasty reveal. For these reasons too, there was no lack of unspeakable death threats to the authors of Abandoned, with the team forced to turn to the authorities.

Difficult situation aside, despite the recent silence it seems that Blue Box has continued to work on its mysterious project, preparing to launch the Prologue of the game next year. In this regard, something could have moved: in fact, by scrolling through the news card on the PS5 home, it is in fact possible to find a small update on Abandoned which confirms the arrival of the introductory chapter by first quarter of 2022.

We are happy to announce that the Prologue chapter will debut during Q1 2022. A more specific date will be announced shortly.“, reads the short message released by the developers. This chapter should be a sort of demo of the future full game and, as also reported on the official Blue Box website (under” What is Playable Prologue “in the Faq section), it is a standalone title that will also have its own specific set of Trophies to unlock.

Previously Blue Box admitted that Abandoned was announced too soon. After so many postponements and justifications, is the project about to finally become concrete?


Prologue confirmed early

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