in the hospital to extract it from the ear-

in the hospital to extract it from the ear-
in the hospital to extract it from the ear-
from Cesare Giuzzi

The 24-year-old said he received the equipment from some Albanians, paying 1800 euros. He was wearing a radio and cell phone: it was discovered because he whispered the text of the questions and possible answers

The DMV examiners they saw him, and above all heard him, while whispered the text of the questions on the theory exam for the driver’s license. With each new question, the 24 year old of Nigerian origins, unprecedented, he repeated the question of the quiz and the possible answers indicated in the test. Enough to overcome it with the maximum score. So they got closer and found that the young man had a small earpiece hidden deep in his ear. It was so deep that the intervention of the Sacco doctors was necessary to extract it.

The transceiver

When the examiners called the carabinieri, the scam was cleared up. Weapon investigators upon their arrival in via Cilea they searched the boy and found that he was wearing a transceiver – hidden in a handcrafted pocket inside a shirt – and also a cell phone, hidden in boxers. In addition, obviously all‘wireless headset stuck in the ear.

The cost of the service

The young man, denounced by the Radiomobile military for aggravated scam, he said he had received the equipment from some Albanians, on which however he has not given more precise indications. He only added that it was they, through the radio link and the cell phone, who gave him the correct information and answers and that the service had been paid for 1800 euros. The equipment was seized and the carabinieri continue their investigations to identify the gang of scammers.

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