Rome, «no more Christmas parcels». Waste, Capitol idea: wrap fewer gifts

Rome, «no more Christmas parcels». Waste, Capitol idea: wrap fewer gifts
Rome, «no more Christmas parcels». Waste, Capitol idea: wrap fewer gifts

Fewer Christmas packages for everyone. After the bonus to get the garbage collectors to work, the Capitol is now asking the Romans for a hand to ensure that the mayor’s promise, “I will clean up the city by the holidays”, does not become a boomerang, with viral photos of the waste piled up next to the bins overflowing, with bows and strennas. Here then is the appeal, through the mouth of the environmental councilor of Gualtieri, Sabrina Alfonsi (Pd): «Dear Romans, make fewer Christmas packages. I really want to say it – he clicks on the button – to be able to keep the city clean, you also need help from the citizens. To avoid the crisis, there is a need for civic sense ». So fewer gifts under the tree. Pauperistic turn in the Capitol? From the series: sad parties, but at least without Spelacchio … “But fewer packages mean fewer gifts – replies the councilor – But this year we have to limit packaging, paperwork”.

Rome, lit the Christmas tree in Piazza Venezia. Fences and Green pass for the event

The idea of ​​the anti-waste Capitol

Fewer bows and sequin cards, is the prece. Even if unwrapping the gift, it must be said, is part of tradition, even cinematic. The Vanzini holidays, the mega-packs of the Covelli family. Roman family, not surprisingly, even if on a Christmas trip to Cortina. “But the problem of packaging is not a joke – Alfonsi becomes serious – As an administration we have implemented all possible actions to improve the collection, which was objectively in crisis, and to find new outlets for the garbage that is produced in Roma. But Christmas is a particularly complicated period, especially for parcels. The production of waste is growing, which instead must decrease. Starting with gift cards ». It is up to you to cut the root of the problem. Indeed, to the tapes.

Even because Gualtieri he tied himself to that date, December 25, to report Rome at decent cleaning levels. Mission impossible stuff. We know that Christmas is the most difficult time of the year on the waste front. Even in the past, even when the city was not in an emergency like today, between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve the garbage still leavened next to the bins. That’s why, at Palazzo Senatorio, most people cross their fingers. “But what was the mayor to do?” To say that it started after the Befana when it is easier and in the meantime keep the garbage everywhere? It would not have been serious », Claudio Mancini reasoned a few days ago, a deputy who was very close to the mayor. «I don’t have a magic wand – admits Gualtieri in the interviews – I found a difficult situation. But the extraordinary cleaning plan has started ». And therefore “we think we can do it for Christmas.” Around the Marc’Aurelio, they are throwing down a strategy also to moderate the feasting of wild boars, who feast on the sacks of garbage scattered on the sidewalks as at glam receptions. A plan of “fences in parks” is being thought to contain the entry of ungulates into the city, explained the mayor.

The prize and the absentees

What is certain is that Gualtieri is in a hurry. There are 16 days left to the deadline for the “clean Christmas”. Here and there the situation has improved, but many areas of the city are still in conditions that are difficult to define as decent, from Balduina to Torpignattara (“Torpigna”, as the Covelli dei Vanzina used to say). A miracle can always happen; After all, a prodigy has already been seen in Ama: employees on sick leave have fallen. Magic of the bonus (360 euros for those who work from November 22 to January 9) wanted by the dem junta and which, net of the controversy, has already recorded the inversion of a historical trend. The absentees, only in the first week, decreased by 10%. Gone are the absentees, now the waste must disappear.


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