Slavina in La Thuile, a 25-year-old boy dies

Tragedy over La Thuile, in the Aosta Valley. An avalanche overwhelmed three ski mountaineers who were descending along a gully in an area that is still closed. One of the hikers, Lorenzo Bonafè, 25, born and living in Milan, was buried under 80 centimeters of snow: later extracted in very serious conditions by the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue and urgently transferred to the Parini hospital in Aosta by helicopter , died in the afternoon.

The accident occurred at 2,200 meters above sea level, in the Forclaz area. According to the first reconstruction of the Valle d’Aosta Alpine Rescue, the three, after having ascended to altitude with the Chaz Dura lifts, were descending off-piste in a narrow gully: suddenly a part of the slope, unstable due to the “wind” snow that has accumulated in the last few hours, it began to slide towards the valley, finding young skiers on its way.

The technicians of the Valle d’Aosta Alpine Rescue, intervened with the helicopter and with the help of an avalanche dog, circumscribed the area and began the research with probes. The discovery of a pole and other ski equipment led rescuers to the spot where Lorenzo Bonafè was buried. The doctors in the Aosta emergency room intubated him and tried to revive him for over an hour, but in vain. His death was declared shortly after 5 pm. Investigations are entrusted to the police.

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