Fifty-four bids for eight spaces: record auction for new shops in the neighborhoods

Fifty-four offers for eight commercial spaces located in the city districts. The public auction of the municipal property that in October had banned various real estate units for different use ended with a record number of participation. For the units provisionally assigned (pending documentary checks) out of a total of 13 lots (five remained without bids), an overall increase was recorded that almost tripled the auction base: from a minimum value of over 66 thousand euros per year for the rental of the eight spaces, they were awarded for a total amount of over 180 thousand euros.

“The wide participation in this competition – comments the Councilor for the Budget and State Property Emmanuel Conte – makes us understand that there is a strong drive for recovery that looks not only to the city center but also and above all to the life of the neighborhoods. More than the hikes on rents, which are in any case an encouraging sign for the economy of neighborhood small and medium-sized enterprises, we are really happy that the spaces of the Municipality have received the attention of such a large number of operators. A sign that concrete support for the economy can come from the Administration, also through the availability of properties ”.

In detail, two kiosks have been assigned within the Verga Park (28 m2 each), Vecchia Pesa Ripamonti 85 (9 m2), via Ortica 8 (61 m2 acquired under the Anti-Mafia Code), via Terraggio 1 (68 m2) , via San Maurilio 8 (43 m2), via Rivoli, 4 (99 m2), via Bergamini 5 (37.58 m2). The two real estate units in piazza Castello, via Montegrappa 8 and via Zecca Vecchia 4 have remained without offers, and will therefore be the subject of an upcoming public auction.


Fiftyfour bids spaces record auction shops neighborhoods

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