boom of garbage collectors on the day of celebration

boom of garbage collectors on the day of celebration
boom of garbage collectors on the day of celebration

In But even the decline in absenteeism can turn into a boomerang. Yes, because there is not even time to rejoice in the reduction of recourse to vacation, permits and illnesses on the part of the workers who immediately triggered and another problem had to be faced: that is, how and where to employ the extra employees available, given that there are not enough trucks to run all the workers.
In this mockery yesterday morning in via Calderon de La Barca: on the day of the Immaculate Conception, 75 percent of the garbage collectors and the drivers of the vehicles. A number that has greatly surprised the area managers. Also because usually on holidays such as December 8, between 30 and 40 percent of the total staff are on duty. Instead, yesterday there were so many people in attendance that the area managers rubbed their hands and decided to increase the so-called second shifts, i.e. overtime to better clean up those neighborhoods where dozens and dozens of bags end up on the sidewalks, because there is no ‘is space in the bins. All the more so in a delicate phase like this, in which the mayor Roberto Gualtieri – who is also the first shareholder of Attack – he promised the citizens to make the capital clean and pint again by Christmas: that is, no more garbage, weeds and leaves on the streets.

Rome too dirty, Ama freezes the bonus to garbage collectors: “It will arrive when the city is clean”

Few means

But the illusion lasted a moment, because there was no time to plan other collection tours that the area managers had to deal with a bitter reality: as mentioned, there are no means to carry out further withdrawal operations with respect to the number of employees present.
The policy of But to reduce absenteeism is bearing fruit. First of all, thanks to the incentive promised by the front line to those employees who will participate in the extraordinary cleaning desired by Gualtieri from the end of October to the beginning of January and will increase productivity by minimizing days of vacation, leave and sickness. Those who do not make absences will take home a bonus of 360 euros gross, those who do not exceed five days off will find themselves on their paycheck with 200 euros more. Not bad, given the times. For this reason, the rate of absenteeism in the municipal company rose in a short time from 20 to 13 percent.

And for the same reason and for the holiday (30 percent more) guaranteed on the day of the Immaculate Conception, yesterday there was a queue to work in via Calderon de La Barca. But as mentioned, in Ama le buona intentions (managers as well as workers) can do little to scratch an ancestral node of the company such as the scarce availability of working trucks. Despite the purchase of additional vehicles (until last year the fleet had on average a seniority level between 13 and 15 years), the new leaders found themselves faced with an embarrassing situation: it was only available 45 percent of compactors and less than 40 percent of smaller shark vans. Without forgetting that about 70 percent of the sweeping machines, never so necessary at this time of the year, had been lost to suck up the leaves fallen from the trees from the streets.

Always the new leaders had noticed that all these means they had stopped for months in internal workshops and in those of external companies. And very often the maintenance did not start, simply because the offices had forgotten to authorize the estimates for the work or for the purchase of spare parts. After much effort, the company has managed to get more than 60 percent of the largest trucks back into circulation, but the number of disused sharks is still very high. And precisely these vehicles are indispensable for door-to-door collection in the neighborhoods where the bins have been placed in the buildings instead of the bins in the street or to clean the sidewalks after the passage of the compactors. Also to solve this problem by the end of the year, the company has accelerated the process of old orders to be delivered and put into circulation a hundred more vans.



boom garbage collectors day celebration

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