Dario Angeletti, passionate trail for the murder of the prof in Tarquinia. The prosecutors have a suspect

Dario Angeletti, passionate trail for the murder of the prof in Tarquinia. The prosecutors have a suspect
Dario Angeletti, passionate trail for the murder of the prof in Tarquinia. The prosecutors have a suspect

VITERBO – A shot to the head, like a full blown execution. The teacher dell’United Dario Angeletti died at the hands of a killer who would have been waiting for him in a public parking lot near the beaches of Tarquinia. And here, entering his car from the passenger side, he would have killed him with a single blow. The Ecology faculty was found still sitting in his vehicle. Seat belt fastened and head pours over the steering wheel, with a large hole near the left temple.

The reconstruction

Angeletti was killed a few meters from the sea, in that place he had chosen to live and work. The teacher dealt with the problems of the sea, cetaceans, ecology. He had a studio not only at the Deb department of the University of Tuscia but also there, in the Saline park, to which he was dedicating his entire professional life. The carabinieri of the Viterbo investigative unit and of the Tuscania company, who are investigating the case, have started hitting all the tracks since Tuesday afternoon, leaving nothing to chance.

After scouring the parking area inch by inch, where compatible tire tracks were found that a car left in a hurry, they spent 5 hours tracking down possible clues to trace the identity of the killer. Not only that: throughout the day yesterday family, friends and acquaintances were listened to. The carabinieri started with the biologist’s two sisters, his wife and children and then continued with all the closest acquaintances and friends. Also listened to the man who on Tuesday, at 2.30 pm, would have raised the alarm after finding the Professor’s car in the parking lot. All submitted to the questions of the investigators.

A man was also questioned yesterday morning, believed to be an informed person, who was allegedly taken in San Martino al Cimino, a small hamlet of Viterbo, in an apartment in the historic center. The man during the interrogation allegedly fell ill, so he was accompanied to the Belcolle hospital. At the end of the first day of investigations, coordinated by the public prosecutor Alessandro Gentile of the Public Prosecutor of Civitavecchia, the investigators began to exclude some leads: first, the crime would not have matured in the professional sphere. All the documents found in the professor’s offices would have ruled out this scenario. Rather, one thinks more of a passionate motive. And there is already a suspect.


On Tuesday afternoon, the carabinieri of the provincial command first entered the branch of the university in Tarquinia and then the Department of Biological Sciences (Deb), in the Riello area of ​​Viterbo. They collected documents and evidence on the teacher’s job. All evidence that led to the exclusion of possible involvement in activities that could have led to a similar murder. From eco-mafias to vaccines. All crossed out by the investigators, who are focusing on other scenarios. However, all the others remain standing and nothing is excluded. Including, in fact, the crime of passion.

Useful details would have come from the cameras of the Saline parking lot, where the ambush and the murder took place. The images would not provide the full scene of the crime, you would not essentially see the armed hand shooting the victim. However, there would be many other fragments, such as the killer’s car that runs away at full speed, probably after the murder. And other small clues on which, in these hours, investigators and investigators are working. Scattered tiles to put the mosaic back together and give the murderer a name and a face.

Close solution?

A meticulous and relentless work that already in the next few hours – this transpires from the very few words of the investigators – could lead to writing the first name on the register of suspects. The public prosecutor of Civitavecchia on Tuesday afternoon opened a file for voluntary homicide, after having abandoned the initial hypothesis of suicide. This hypothesis lasted very little since the murder weapon with which the biologist was killed was never found. Other elements to reconstruct the story will be provided by the coroner who, a few hours after his death, carried out the examination of the body. From these findings it could be possible to deduce the type of weapon used, compatible with the hole in the temple and from what distance the fatal shot was fired.

Above all, the motive remains to be understood. Who and why on Tuesday 7 December waited for his victim in an isolated parking lot and little frequented in the winter and then approached and with lucid coldness and pulled the trigger, leaving a hole in the head of a 50-year-old man, who had he devoted his entire life to the sea?


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