Dario Angeletti, 50, “was killed”

Dario Angeletti, 50, “was killed”
Dario Angeletti, 50, “was killed”

A lifeless man was found this afternoon, shortly after 3 pm, in a car parked in Tarquinia Lido (Viterbo), in the Saline area. The body would have a head wound, probably from a gunshot. It is about Dario Angeletti, university professor of about 50 years. According to investigative sources, who keep the ongoing investigations confidential, the man was allegedly killed.

Terni, a 17-year-old boy found dead at the Angelo Papa photo gallery

A suicide was initially assumed, but the presence of a weapon has not yet been detected on the spot. The body was found inside a gray Volvo sedan, in the middle of the square in the Saline area, a stone’s throw from the coast. On the spot the carabinieri of the operative nucleus of Viterbo and Tarquinia for the investigations, started with the help of the 118 staff, and the firefighters. The car was removed with a tow truck and placed under seizure, after the recognition of the coroner and the magistrate on duty at the Civitavecchia court. Some searches are underway by the Carabinieri and, according to what it has been possible to learn, one of these searches could concern the alleged perpetrator of the crime.



Dario Angeletti killed

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