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The dancer has silenced the gossips after the triumph of little Brenda

Published on December 7, 2021

There was a lot of chatter about the presence of the daughter of Sara Di Vaira in Dancing with the Stars. Little Brenda participated in the competition Dancing with you – dedicated to future promises of the dance world – and won the challenge against the ballet dancer Leonardo. A victory according to many favored by the role that Di Vaira has held for years in Milly Carlucci’s show.

A real controversy broke out on the social networks, with many viewers who considered the girl’s participation in Dancing with the Stars unfair. After crying live for the performance of his only heir Sara Di Vaira broke the silence on social networks, silencing everyone. The dance teacher shared the following post on Instagram tagging Brenda:

“In any circumstance, the most important thing is never to denigrate yourself. There is no point in tormenting yourself in this way. When you feel down in the dumps “Oplà”, gather the strength to pull yourself up on your own. You are a wonderful person, so never despise yourself and don’t listen to those who try to denigrate you “

In this way Sara Di Vaira put in place the critics and detractors, who had so much to say about her daughter’s participation in Dancing with the Stars. On the other hand, she did not express herself on the matter Milly Carlucci, who preferred to keep the utmost confidentiality.

Not only criticism: Sara Di Vaira and Brenda have also received the support and support of many fans. “A show”someone wrote. “A true force of nature”, someone else commented. On Instagram she expressed herself as well Wild Lucarelli: “Sensational”.

Who is the daughter of Sara Di Vaira

Brenda is the daughter Sara Di Vaira had from her ex husband Mirko Gozzoli, eight times sample in standards. On the cameras, the young dancer explained that she had always dreamed of appearing on TV in an important competition like Dancing with you. And after seeing many of his mother’s pupils competing, he decided to give himself a chance with Sara’s support.

On the notes of a piece by Raffaella Carrà Brenda beat the challenger, the ballet dancer Leonardo. Once you learn the victory the little girl jumped for joy and so did her mother Sara Di Vaira, who even let herself be overwhelmed by emotion and tears during the performance at Dancing with the Stars.

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