with this trend, the yellow zone as early as next Monday

with this trend, the yellow zone as early as next Monday
with this trend, the yellow zone as early as next Monday

The admissions for Covid in intensive care and in ordinary wards in Calabria continue to increase. With this trend it is practically certainly the passage in the yellow zone. The latest bulletin issued yesterday, December 6, by the Calabria Region reports a +6 in the medical area and another hospitalization in intensive care. This has further raised the percentages that determine the color change and therefore the passage in the band with greater restrictions.

The data on the website of the National Agency of Regional Health Services (Agenas), updated yesterday evening, show the occupation of the beds in the departments at 16% (+ 1% compared to the previous day) ei 11% ICU admissions (+ 1% compared to the previous day). Numbers above the level established by the Government for the passage in the yellow zone.

The incidence of infections from Covid has exceeded the threshold, set at 50 cases, for the passage to the area with greater restrictions for several weeks. In the reference week from 29 November to 5 December, the figure stands at 110 positive people per 100 thousand inhabitants. If one of the 3 factors listed above does not subside in the next few hours, Calabria is destined to pass into the yellow zone as early as Monday 13 December.

“Calabria is 15.5% for the ordinary wards and 11% for those of intensive care. For both types of curves, the trend is one of growth. The region therefore has yellow zone numbers and it is almost certain that it will also be the same on Tuesday 7 December, the day of the week to which the weekly monitoring on Friday refers ”. So the mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani of the National Research Council (Cnr) which also notes that “with these data, the only possibility for Calabria to avoid entering the yellow zone is to increase the capacity of the departments, as happened in Lombardy”.

What changes in the yellow zone

With the entry into force of the super green pass from 6 December, a double regime with different rules for vaccinated (or recovered) and not which should persist until 15 January 2022 is in force.

The mask
In the yellow zone, masks must be worn in all indoor places, including public transport (airplanes, trains, buses) and in all outdoor places. Although the governor of the Calabria Region Roberto Occhiuto, with a specific ordinance, has already imposed the use of personal protective equipment outdoors throughout the region.

In the yellow zone all movements are allowed: within one’s own Municipality, between different Municipalities and between Regions. From 6 December, to use all means of transport it is necessary to have the “basic” green pass.

Bars and restaurants
In the yellow zone in the outdoor bars and restaurants there are no restrictions. Until 6 December, a maximum of four people can sit at the table in bars and restaurants, unless they are cohabitants. But from 6 December, with the entry into force of the super green pass, those who are not vaccinated or cured cannot go to indoor restaurants (nor to stadiums, cinemas, theaters, discos). Prohibitions that are already triggered in the white area but which also remain valid in the yellow, orange and red area. Who has the super green passinstead, from 6 December he will no longer have to respect the limit of 4 people at the table.

Gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs
To access gyms and swimming pools is the “basic” green pass is mandatory. Even unvaccinated people can therefore access sports facilities and gyms if they are negative to the swab. This rule remains unchanged even after 6 December. The capacity of the facilities allowed cannot be greater than 25% of the maximum and in any case 2,500 spectators cannot be exceeded outdoors (one thousand indoors).

Discos and shows
They remain accessible in the yellow zone, but from 6 December Only those who have the super green pass can enter. Also in this case, the permitted capacity cannot exceed the 25% of the maximum and in any case 2,500 spectators cannot be exceeded outdoors (one thousand indoors).

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