Mafia, fish and politics: the overwhelming power of the Romito-Lombardi-Ricucci family in the Gargano. The accusations against the city councilor

1818 pages. The “Omnia Nostra” precautionary order (investigating judge) is very long and complex Marco Galesi) which today has led to the beauty of 48 suspects, 32 of whom were arrested (26 in prison, 6 under house arrest). A hard blow to the business of the Romito-Lombardi-Ricucci clan, hegemon of Manfredonia and Mattinata, rival of the mountaineers Li Bergolis-Miucci-Lombardone.

Let’s start immediately with the names: in the cell Luciano Caracciolo, Lorenzo Caterino, Leonardo Ciuffreda, Giuseppe Della Malva, Leonardo and Michele D’Ercole, Sebastiano Gibilisco, Hechmi Hdiouech, Giuseppe Pio Impagnatiello, Antonio La Selva, Pietro La Torre, Pasquale Lebiu, Matteo and Michele Lombardi, Francesco Notarangelo, Alexander Thomas Pacillo, Andrea and Antonio Quitadamo, Marco Raduano, Pietro Rignanese, Mario Scarabino, Giuseppe Sciarra, Moreno Sciarra, Francesco Scirpoli, Gaetano Vessio and Antonio Zino.

Home care for Luigi Bottalico, Alessandro Coccia, Danilo Della Malva, Emanuele Finaldi, Umberto Antonio Mucciante and Massimo Perdonò.

The involvement of the politician of the Brothers of Italy

As already written, in addition to the 32 arrests there are 16 suspects for a total of 48 people involved. The name of stands out Adriano Carbone, new municipal councilor and city commissioner of the Brothers of Italy in support of the center-right coalition that won the recent municipal elections. The umpteenth trouble for an exponent of the Brothers of Italy in Manfredonia after “the unpresentable” Matteo Troiano indicated by the Anti-Mafia Commission a few days before the vote.

For Carbone the prosecutor had asked for house arrest. As an accountant, the politician, in collaboration with other people, allegedly “falsely attributed – in the opinion of the investigators – to Fascione Giovanni e C. SNC, administered by Fascione Raffaele Salvatore, the money used for the adaptation works of the premises attributable to Divine Whims srls (a pizzeria affected by an anti-mafia ban, ed), actually incurred in the amount of 35,000 euros by Antonio Zino (man of the Romito-Lombardi-Ricucci clan, ed), in order to circumvent the provisions of the law on property prevention measures, or to facilitate the commission of the crimes referred to in art. 648bis and 648ter of the penal code “. Essentially, recycling. Trouble of the same tenor also for another accountant of Manfredonia, Vittorio Gentile, ended up as Carbone in the register of suspects.

The national prosecutor Cafiero De Raho; on the right, Matteo and Michele Lombardi

Pisces and the mafia

Much revolves around the figures of Matteo Lombardi, his son Michele “U ‘Cumbarill” and Pietro La Torre alias “U’ Muntaner”. The aim was to dominate the Sipontine navy by forcing the fishermen to give the fish to the “Marittica” company (hit by an anti-mafia ban), effectively controlled by the Lombards.

La Torre told his people that the fishermen referred to Michele Lombardi: “So, to fix this service, to fix this service, you have to go and talk to Michele the son of ‘mba Matteo. You go and talk to mbà Matteo’s son … but you talk to mbà Matteo’s son and he gets it right “. The Tower – reports the investigating judge – refers, even in the context of the respect paid to the Lombardi associates, evoking the blood bond, its legitimacy in having a voice in settling the dispute, through an act of intimidation against a cuttlefish fisherman: “I don’t because I don’t respect Mbà Matteo’s son, he’s a son to me, a son. Mbà Matteo is a father to me, I respect them in my soul, but if my name, if my name, I said that M. doesn’t have to do anything anymore, he doesn’t have to do anything anymore, I don’t have to talk to anyone … calls to M. that now I have to slaughter him. It’s still: “If I want the sea, I’ll take it from one point to the other and I don’t have to ask anyone to please”.

Violence against fishermen

Kicks, punches and blows with the bar. This too had to endure the fishermen. Michele Lombardi and Lorenzo Caterino they would have used “violence” against PV. “Lombardi – reports the ordinance – hit him with an iron bar and both raged on him, who fell to the ground, with kicks and punches, to get hold of about a ton of seafood, in particular razor clams, which PV had little first received by two fishermen on the port of Manfredonia, obtaining an unfair profit.

Furthermore, Lombardi and Caterino “in concert with each other”, allegedly “forced, through threats and violence, PV to interrupt the over fifteen-year commercial relationship of
buying and selling of seafood with the two fishermen for the exclusive benefit of the company called Marittica, obtaining an unfair profit with the damage of others, since they prevented the victim from pursuing their own economic interests in the manner and in the forms deemed most suitable and opportune “. Lombardi and Caterino would have acted to make sure “The control of the fish trade in the territory of Manfredonia”.

The clan after the death of the boss Mario Luciano Romito

Focus on the Romito-Lombardi-Ricucci clan after the death of the boss Mario Luciano Romito. Here is what the investigators write: “The first observation that emanates from the entire system assumed in the context of this proceeding is that the deadly ambush of Mario Romito has not weakened the operational capacity of this mafia association which finds essential substance and strength in blood relationship among the components the genetic nucleus of the criminal aggregate, residing in the city of Manfredonia (Matteo Lombardi, Michele Lombardi, Pietro La Torre, Mario Scarabino) and in the nearby Macchia hamlet of the municipality of Monte Sant’Angelo (Pasquale Ricucci, Michele and Leonardo D ‘Ercole) which, although part of another administration, is in fact an offshoot of continuity with the territory of the Siponto municipality “.

Giovanni Caterino, again him

The papers show the attempted murder of Giovanni Caterino, the basista of the San Marco massacre of 9 August 2017 when the boss was killed Mario Luciano Romito, the brother-in-law Matteo De Palma and the peasants Luciani. According to the papers, the Romito-Lombardi-Ricucci were ready for revenge against the rival clan Li Bergolis-Miucci-Lombardone.

Here is what the investigating judge writes: “Matteo Lombardi and Pietro La Torre play the role of instigators of the ambush against Caterino. In this regard, on 15 March 2018, an environmental conversation between La Torre and Lombardi, both present at the Primo Pesca srl ​​warehouse, was captured through the telematic interception of the telephone in use by the first from which it is possible to draw the symmetrical adherence between the attribution of responsibility in the attempted murder suffered by Caterino to Lombardi and La Torre as principals, and the intention of the same to organize a new attack (the first failed on February 18, 2018, ed) to achieve the criminal goal failed by Massimo Perdonò, in the general context of the armed opposition in progress. In particular, La Torre proposes to Lombardi that he still use Perdonò. ‘And why don’t we send to Massimo ?!’, at a time when nothing was known about the previous assassination attempt “.

“The responsibility of Lombardi and La Torre as principals of the attempted murder of Caterino emerges – in the opinion of the investigators – also from the reports of Leonardo Miucci known as Dino, brother of Enzo (regent of the Montanari, ed), in the intercepted dialogues with Caterino. Miucci – reads the ordinance – explicitly makes it known to Caterino that the principals of the attack against him are La Torre and Lombardi. Miucci also confirms to Caterino the classification of that ambush in the context of the armed clash between the two rival groups , namely the one attributable to Enzo Miucci (Li Bergolis clan), and the one represented by the current suspects, highlighting that, initially, their opponents had decided to involve D’Ercole himself in the ambush of Caterino “.

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