‘I don’t want all users to become subscribers,’ says Phil Spencer

‘I don’t want all users to become subscribers,’ says Phil Spencer
‘I don’t want all users to become subscribers,’ says Phil Spencer

After reflecting on Bungie’s separation from Microsoft and voicing his concerns about blockchain-based NFT games, Phil Spencer spoke to EDGE’s microphones to provide further clarification on the medium-long term strategy implemented by the Redmond house with Xbox Game Pass.

The top executive of Microsoft’s gaming division begins in his speech by stating how “The Game Pass is not the only goal of our strategy. We manage a platform that revolves around multiple factors, so I do not want all the players of the Xbox ecosystem in the future to be subscribe to the Game Pass. I want people to always have theopportunity to make their own choices. Just like today, in the future some will want to continue buying the games we distribute and create your own library, others will want to access it only through the Game Pass “.

In the same interview, Spencer then underlined his belief in the economic sustainability of the Game Pass, arguing how “subscriptions allow you to have a continuous revenue stream and this is extremely important for any business, which adds to the spikes in sales seen with the retail versions of the games. That is why I look to the future and think of a mix of these two approaches, it is not a question of privileging one or excluding the other. In our business, we don’t just depend on one number. Retail sales, commercial consoles, involvement in the Xbox and Windows ecosystem, Game Pass subscribers, players who stream xCloud content … let’s look at all these factors together to understand how business is doing “.

Regarding the sustainability of their subscription service, Spencer recently stated that Xbox Game Pass is sustainable and good for business.


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