Massimo Ferrero remains in prison. The intercepted daughter: “There is no mind”

Massimo Ferrero remains in prison. The intercepted daughter: “There is no mind”
Massimo Ferrero remains in prison. The intercepted daughter: “There is no mind”

Milan, 7 December 2021 – “My father is out of his mind” is the outburst of Vanessa Ferrero, intercepted by investigators, while talking about her father Massimo and the arrest of both for fraudulent bankruptcy, he in prison she under house arrest.

“I haven’t done a thing out of the 16 criminal charges I have!” laments the eldest daughter of the former Sampdoria president. In the precautionary order of 342 pages issued by the investigating judge of Paola, the “top role” of the real Roman entrepreneur “‘dominus’ in the management of the Companies” is underlined.

Massimo Ferrero who he is: from factotum to cinema to Sampdoria patron

In the last few hours, the prosecutor of Paola, in the province of Cosenza, has also investigated Ferrero’s ex-wife, Laura Sini, member of the board of directors of Ellemme until December 2010 (For her, temporary ban on carrying out business activities and management offices of legal persons and companies, banning her for 12 months).

In addition to Massimo Ferrero, who remains in prison because the investigating judge wrote that he exists in the pre-trial detention order “a concrete and very serious danger of committing crimes similar to those for which one proceeds “, the nephew Giorgio was also placed under house arrest like the eldest daughter, Giovanni Fanelli, sole director of Ellemme until March 2014, Aniello Del Gatto, liquidator of Ellemme, e Roberto Coppolone sole director of Blu line until April 2014.

The former Sampdoria patron therefore remains in Milanese prison of San Vittore, and his lawyers cannot even see him or bring him a bag with his clothes, explains the lawyer Giuseppina Tenga: “Given that today is a holiday in Milan and tomorrow is the Immaculate Conception, it becomes impossible for us to talk to our client. And the attorney of Paola is on vacation today “, moreover” the Milanese prison is closed today “.

My father is out of his mind

Vanessa Ferrero, in the interceptions, does not defend her father on the contrary she emerges a difficult relationship in the family. According to her, the father is responsible for what is happening: “I have not done one thing of the 16 criminal charges that I have! He doesn’t mind, he is out of his mind. I want to get out of this mess.” And he continues: “Instead of saying ‘love sorry I put you in this shitty situation, to pay the jail, when the problems are mine not yours, forgive me beloved daughter’, so it should behave. I don’t have the money for the shopping. “

In other interceptions made to people close to Ferrero his emerges dominant figure in business: “Massimo Ferrero is an exceptional salesman but he is also his own worst enemy. Today he would risk … wanting more and more … he says he is not greedy but in reality he always wants more”. And the investigating judge wrote: “The top role of Massimo Ferrero clearly emerges from the various investigative emergencies examined so far: the role of ‘dominus’ in the management of the Companies, which is not claimed by Ferrero himself but is recognized by the various interlocutors and I ran “.

A hole from which to drop the money

The comments of the accountant of the Ferrero group on the entrepreneur also emerged from the interceptions: “He told me that his life was a battle and battles must be won one at a time, on the other hand he has a propensity to risk. He every day he has to find a place to puncture and drop some money. ” Instead, in a recording of November 18, 2020, he states: “The theme is that if they really block everything, in the end it is not so much possible to do all these things. And therefore in the end it will be necessary to see what to do inside these boxes to operate”.

The future of Samp

Ferrero’s judicial troubles opens new future scenarios for Sampdoria, with the real possibility that new buyers will come forward. The first interested could be the former Sampdoria striker Gianluca Vialli, who had already tried to take over the Genoese club in 2019, with the financial support of American businessman James Dinan. And the two could try again. Then in the last few hours a consortium of Italian entrepreneurs led by Alessandro Costacurta.

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