Gf Vip 6, the twenty-fifth episode marks the audience record

Audience record last night for Gf Vip 6, with its twenty-fifth episode. The new appointment with the most spied on house in Italy has, in fact, reached its seasonal peak, with a 22.6% share. The highest result of this edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. An important achievement, which, however, did not allow Big Brother Vip 6 to win the evening in absolute terms. In fact, the Rai competition won. Here are all the details reported by

Yesterday evening, Monday 6 December 2021, the third episode of Blanca it thrilled 5,235,000 spectators equal to 24.2%. On Canale 5 – from 9.47pm to 1.22am – Big Brother Vip 6 it collected 3,414,000 viewers in front of the video, equal to 22.6% share.


Vip twentyfifth episode marks audience record

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