Contagion in schools in the Savona area: 18 classes in quarantine, teachers and janitors also affected. The situation in the centers of the province

Contagion in schools in the Savona area: 18 classes in quarantine, teachers and janitors also affected. The situation in the centers of the province
Contagion in schools in the Savona area: 18 classes in quarantine, teachers and janitors also affected. The situation in the centers of the province

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Savona – Eighteen classes, teachers and janitors in quarantine for a total of over 400 swabs to be carried out and processed in a single afternoon. The virus between desks and blackboards it results in a chaos that lashes the world of the school, long lines and protests of the parents to the buffer points organized by the ASL to test children and teenagers. Yesterday, December 6, in Albenga the queue of cars was long enough to block traffic and require the intervention of the police.

A Savona parents have already complained of crowding situations in the premises of via Brilla. In Carcare, the swabs carried out in the square of the ASL headquarters in via del Collegio have raised the anger of the many mothers and fathers, waiting in the cold with their children. The ASL continuously enhances the service, but the problem is that every day the classes to be tested increase.

A long queue of cars from inside the Riva stadium reached via al Piemonte up to block it for several hundred meters, forcing carabinieri and local police to close one of the main city arteries to traffic, which guarantees the connection between the center and the motorway area, hamlets and hinterland. It is the scene that appeared yesterday morning under the eyes of those who had to reach the ingauno tampon center.

The need to wait for the outcome of the test on site, as well as the surge in requests, would also have lengthened the waiting times. The fact is that in the late morning carabinieri and policemen they blocked traffic in both directions, hijacking the cars on Lungocenta Martiri della Foce, allowing access to that stretch of via al Piemonte only to vehicles headed for the drive through. Around 1pm traffic resumed in the direction from the mountain to the sea, and about half an hour later the road was completely reopened, with the cars heading towards the center of the buffers lined up on the edge of the roadway with the engine off.

A hundred children and parents found themselves huddled in the cold for more than two hours in the parking lot near the ASL office in via del Collegio. “We were all called up at the same time – a parent denounced -. There is a blue curtain, but it doesn’t come used and the swabs are carried out directly in the square, on a chair. Easy to imagine the bravery infused with expectant children, witnessing the swab of those who, perhaps a little more reluctantly, shout, squirm and are held back by their parents. Scenes that shouldn’t show up “.

In headquarters in via Brilla the wait in the corridor was upsetting: students and parents crammed into a narrow room before being able to swab in the various rooms. It got better at drive-trough di Pilalunga, even if yesterday the squad were so many that 40 minutes of waiting were registered. In the first instance in the city the swabs were carried out in the piazzale del San Paolo, then the school test point was moved to avoid that the long queue could have ripercussioni al Valloria.

The situation
Yesterday, 6 December, 247 new positives were recorded in Liguria, of which 62 in the province. Hospital admissions increased by two units, for a total of 51 hospitalized patients, of which 7 in Intensive Care. Al San Paolo is ready to open the seventh floor, converted for Covid treatments. In total in the province there are 1168 positives and another 999 people in active surveillance. This latter figure is pushed higher and higher precisely by school quarantines. Based on photograph of the ASL, at the moment in the province the virus runs mainly in the age group between 6 and 14 years. A fact that has in a few days has caused the number of classes under surveillance to rise.

All are summoned in the buffer points organized by the ASL in the area and the result is an enormous amount of work, also because each student must be subjected to two swabs, to 5 days away from each other. The surveillance with consequent distance teaching is triggered with two infections in the classroom, but some schools have already had to close and activate a generalized Dad because the infections have affected the staff and it is not possible to guarantee surveillance.


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