GF Vip 6 twenty-fifth episode, eliminated and nominated: what happened

Big Brother Vip

The whole episode of Monday 6 December 2021 minute by minute: the surprises for the Vippons, the nominations and who came out

Published on December 7, 2021

The twenty-fifth episode of Big Brother Vip 6 aired on Monday, December 6, 2021. What happened? The evening began with an announcement by Alfonso Signorini: Alex Belli is in crisis. Shortly before the episode, he seems to have explained in the confessional that he is no longer able to control the situation and is no longer able to manage the relationship with Soleil Rises. He does not want to endanger the marriage and for this reason he is thinking of leaving. Alex Belli will leave GF Vip 6? It is not the first time he says it, who knows.

Connecting with the House, the conductor addressed the first topic of the evening: the clash between Lulù Selassié and Maria Monsè. The two said they made peace, Maria apologized after the last episode and the atmosphere is more relaxed today. The discussion revived with the views of Adriana Volpe e Sonia Bruganellie it then involved the whole living room. There was a moment up Soleil and Aldo Montano in Super Led after the face to face of the last few days. The blue champion explained that by nature he does not like to get in the middle of discussions, he did it with Alex Belli because he concerned him closely and above all he considered the actor a person close to him in the House.

After the confrontation, with a Soleil from tiger to cat, Montano was left alone in the room: for him there was a surprised by his wife Olga which then also appeared in connection. Sophie and Gianmaria talked about the kiss and they gave one live. The conductor had a chat with Patrizia Pellegrino, he called her in the Mystery Room and went through her story with her. For her there was also a surprise from her daughter Arianna.

Miriana Trevisan and Biagio D’Anelli they discovered with a clip what is being said about them around the House. In reality, the one that has been exposed the most is Soleil. For Biagio it is a splendid friendship and under the covers there would be only chatter and questions. At this point of the evening, Signorini faced Alex’s crisis, which however lasted from Christmas to Boxing Day. Short moment on Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulù, which appear to have reached a truce. For now, at least. A letter from his brother arrived for the Selassié, while Carmen Russo he saw his Enzo Paolo again.

The eliminated of the twenty-fifth episode of GF Vip 6 is Patrizia. These the percentages: Lulù 36%, Jessica 35%, Patrizia 29%. And it’s time for nomination: this televoting will not be eliminatory, but there will be the favorite instead. Also tonight there were the immune of the House: Katia, Aldo and Giacomo and Valeria. Adriana gave Lulu immunity, while Sonia’s went to Gianmaria. The nominees are Maria Monsè, Soleil, Sophie, Jessica, Miriana and Biagio. These are the nominations, competitor by competitor:

  • Jessica named Maria;
  • Alex named Maria;
  • Miriana named Soleil;
  • Davide has named Maria;
  • Sophie named Maria;
  • Manila named Maria;
  • Manuel has named Maria;
  • Maria named Sophie;
  • Carmen named Maria;
  • Biagio named Maria;
  • Soleil named Miriana;
  • Francesca named Jessica;
  • Giucas named Maria;
  • Katia named Maria;
  • Valeria and Giacomo have nominated Biagio;
  • Aldo named Maria;
  • Lulu has named Maria;
  • Gianmaria has named Maria;

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