Guerrilla unveils many new details on the combat system

Guerrilla unveils many new details on the combat system
Guerrilla unveils many new details on the combat system

Thanks to a post just published on the official PlayStation blog, Guerrilla Games has revealed many new details on the combat system and on the AI ​​of Horizon Forbidden West.

According to the words of Charles Perain, Combat Designer at Guerrilla Games, although Aloy is an agile and highly intelligent warrior, her gear includes everything you need to take on generously sized gunmen and machines. One of the goals of the development team was to expand the possibilities offered by the gameplay, so that players could specialize in close combat, which offers several new gameplay mechanics, or that from a distance. In this regard, the role-playing component implemented in this second chapter allows users to use armor that enhance some of Aloy’s statistics and thus create builds that allow you to unleash the potential of the warrior in specific roles.

The fact that Aloy has gained experience over the course of previous adventures will also be reflected in the animations. According to Richard Old, Gameplay Animation Director, now the protagonist acts more decisively and this will be obvious to the players who will watch her fight. Even the animations of machines and human opponents have been treated in a maniacal way so as not only to make the experience more immersive, but also in order to make the action on the screen more readable and make the player guess what the next move of the enemy will be. The sound sector will also contribute to the readability of the action: according to the Senior Sound Designer Pinar CleanIn fact, in the game there are many sounds that allow you to guess what a car is doing even when it is far from Aloy’s view.

During the post we also talked about AI thanks to the Lead AI Programmer Arjen Beij, who specified that the enemies are now smarter and are able to climb and follow Aloy’s tracks to hunt her everywhere. About that, some cars will even be able to swim and follow the girl underwater, so as not to give her any stops during a chase.

We remind you that the Guerrilla Games game will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting next February 18, 2021 exclusively on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.

Did you know that a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West could arrive at the 2021 Game Awards?


Guerrilla unveils details combat system

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