Super green pass, soft checks and boom of downloaded certificates. Here are all the rules

Super green pass, soft checks and boom of downloaded certificates. Here are all the rules
Super green pass, soft checks and boom of downloaded certificates. Here are all the rules

The first day with the super green pass is like the last without, in the real country. The Italians went to work and the students to school; tourists have taken possession of the historic centers, bars and restaurants have welcomed citizens in the usual way: those who asked for the certificate in recent days did so today, those who violated the rules before continued to do so. And also one of the main novelties of the decree, the random checks on buses and subways of local public transport, did not produce major shocks. Or rather: since preventing those who are not vaccinated from using public transport is an impossible task, if the goal is to empower Italians and push them to comply with the rules, maybe this time it will work. However, the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese was satisfied, who thanked the citizens for “the spirit of collaboration” and reiterated that the checks will continue. “We will guarantee the maximum commitment, we will verify the effectiveness of the plans and if necessary we will reshape the measures”.

Records of certificates downloaded on the day of the debut

Certainly there is one fact: the record number of certificates downloaded on the day the enhanced pass debuts, the one that allows those who are vaccinated and cured to have access to restaurants, cinemas, theaters, stadiums: over one million and 300 thousand, the vast majority of which – almost 970 thousand – related to vaccinations. An unequivocal signal that the entry into force of the new restrictions led to a first result: to further reduce the number of unvaccinated people. We will see in the coming days if the effect continues, just as we will have to wait for next Monday to get the first data on the controls and to understand if the Italians have adapted or not to the new prohibitions. Looking at how the first day went, however, the impression is that the majority welcomed the new course. Apart from the controls, which as expected were soft and limited.

The new rules

The document of Palazzo Chigi to explain which activities are allowed without a green pass, with a basic pass and with a reinforced certificate until January 15, touches on 13 areas: travel, ski facilities, work, access to businesses and offices, schools and universities, structures health and social care, bars and restaurants (excluding those in accommodation facilities), accommodation facilities, sports activities in public and private facilities, cultural activities and events, sporting events, recreational activities, public competitions.

Travel and transport

It remains one of the most critical points. There will be no need for any type of certificate, not even in the orange zone, for school buses dedicated to the transport of children under 12, for taxis, for 9-seater minivans with driver and for travel with your own vehicle. In this case, however, if you switch to orange, those who do not have a pass, basic or reinforced, will be able to move out of the ordinary for work, needs, health or to access unavailable services. For all scheduled means of transport, on the other hand, a pass will be needed, even for students between 12 and 18 years of age despite the fact that the president of the Conference of Regions Massimiliano Fedriga asked – given that between the first dose and the release of the green pass in any case 15 days – a “parenthesis so as not to exclude anyone from the possibility of going to school”. “The dialogue with the regions is open, we will also evaluate this request, but it is important that the means of transport are also safe” answered the Minister for Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini. The government is working to find a solution and one of the hypotheses is to allow all 12-18 year olds to have the tampon for free as long as they have taken the first dose.

The ski lifts

In the large ski areas of the Alps, ski passes for cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts can only be purchased with the pass, ‘basè in the white and yellow zone,’ strengthened in the orange zone. The green pass, on the other hand, is not necessary in the white and yellow areas to buy the ski pass for the exclusive use of the open lifts.

The green certificate at work

The certificate remains mandatory in all public and private workplaces, including canteens. The base is enough, except for all those public workers for which vaccination is mandatory: health and RSA personnel and, from December 15, also school personnel, police forces, military personnel.

Shops and services

To enter the shopping centers you will not need the green pass but if you switch to orange, on weekends and holidays you can only go shopping with the superpass. On weekdays, however, the unvaccinated will also be able to enter the orange zone. Without a certificate, moreover, you can go to the hairdresser, the beautician, all the other shops and public offices to use the services.

Bars and restaurants

The government also clarifies that without the strengthened, in the orange zone, it will not be possible to have coffee at the bar counter while the consumption is allowed in the white and yellow zone without the pass. Furthermore, non-vaccinated people in orange will not be able to eat at the tables even outdoors. Indoors, you sit only with the green pass strengthened from the white area.

Hotels and accommodation facilities

This is one of the novelties of the decree: to book a room you need the basic pass, which must also be used to use the hotel restaurants, both indoors and outdoors. Those who are not customers of the hotel will be able to sit outside the structures in the white and yellow areas without the pass, while indoors they will have to show the reinforced one. SPORT – Outdoor sports, says the government, as well as all team sports and activities in sports centers such as soccer and tennis, are always allowed without a pass. Instead, the basic one for indoor gyms and swimming pools in the white and yellow area and the one reinforced in orange will be used. The same goes for all the other indoor sports facilities.

Museums, cinemas, discos and stadiums

You cannot enter without the pass. The only difference is that for museums the base in the white and yellow area is enough, for cinemas, theaters, concerts, discos, stadiums and palaces (with 75% capacity outdoors and 60% indoors) the reinforced one is needed.

Parties and ceremonies

Here, too, there is a distinction: to participate in subsequent parties such as baptisms, communions and weddings in the yellow area, you must have the green pass that can also be obtained with the pad. In the orange zone you need the superpass, the only one valid for graduation or birthday pass.

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