Twenty homes and six new community hospitals will be activated in the province of Bergamo

The goal of the Lombardy Region is to be able to activate at least two houses and a hospital for each province by the end of the year

In the Bergamo area, 20 community houses and 6 community hospitals will be created. This is the effect of the new social and health law, recently approved by the regional council, which provides for 203 homes and 60 new community hospitals throughout Lombardy.

These are partly structures in which doctors with different specializations will operate, who will also take care of the chronically ill patients (community houses), or places for the short hospitalization of the sick and in which to carry out interventions with low clinical intensity. (the hospitals).

According to reports The Eco of Bergamo Thursday (December 9) a meeting should take place between the Lombardy Region and the mayors to identify in detail where to build these new health resorts. The goal is to activate at least two houses and a hospital for each Lombard province by the end of the year.

In particular, six community houses and a community hospital would be created in the territory belonging to Asst Papa Giovanni XXIII. The houses would be located in the city in via Borgo Palazzo, at the former Matteo Rota and near the stadium, as well as in Zogno, Sant’Omobono and Villa d’Almè. The community hospital would be that of San Giovanni Bianco.

Asst Bergamo Est would have ten houses and two community hospitals. The houses would be in Seriate, Lovere, Albino, Clusone, Sarnico, Grumello del Monte, Vilminore di Scalve, Calcinate, Gazzaniga and Alzano Lombardo. The hospitals would have been identified in the existing structures of Calcinate and Gazzaniga.

Finally, Asst Bergamo Ovest would get four houses and three community hospitals planned. The houses would be in Treviglio, Dalmine, Ponte San Pietro and Martinengo. The hospitals in Treviglio, Ponte San Pietro and Martinengo.


Twenty homes community hospitals activated province Bergamo

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