I was looking at the phone then the nightmare

I was looking at the phone then the nightmare
I was looking at the phone then the nightmare

A girl victim of sexual assault said she was looking at her phone while on the 10pm train and was returning from work when she was approached by two men.

He was on his way home after a day of work. She got on the 10pm train and on this train a 22-year-old girl lived through the nightmare. Everything happened in a few minutes: “I was sitting on the train. As always, I was returning home after the day of work”, reports Corriere della Sera. Then the 22-year-old says: “I was looking at my cell phone. The two men suddenly appeared. I didn’t even have time to hear them.” Then hell: one of the two blocked her and held her down while the other was responsible for the sexual assault. When the two fled, the young woman told the conductor everything. Then the report and treatment in the hospital. The 22-year-old did not hesitate when yesterday the carabinieri called her to recognize the two men arrested a few hours after the investigation began.

The recognition of the two arrested

In fact, the young woman found the courage to go to the carabinieri for recognition: it is not a duty and often not all victims feel like seeing their attackers in the face. The confirmation also comes from the images of the surveillance camera of the Venegono Inferiore station which saw the two men get off the train and leave the station. This is how the handcuffs were triggered for them after the decree signed by the Varese prosecutor’s office: the suspects are two young people, an Italian and a North African. The same men would have tried to commit a second violence against another 22-year-old who managed to escape in time: the girl was sitting at the station and when she saw the two approaching with excessive euphoria – then it turns out also due to drugs and alcohol – she immediately wandered off and ran away until she reached a busy street and asked for help. Then the call to the police: both young women made the same description of the two men.


phone nightmare

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