Elly Mattiuzzo and Daniele Volanti: who were the boyfriends killed in an accident in San Marino

Elly Mattiuzzo and Daniele Volanti: who were the boyfriends killed in an accident in San Marino
Elly Mattiuzzo and Daniele Volanti: who were the boyfriends killed in an accident in San Marino

San Marino, 6 December 2021 – Two more broken lives. Two 18-year-olds they do not exist anymore. Dead in un accident road a San Marino, in what must have been an evening like many others. Daniele Volanti and Elly Mattiuzzo they dated, they were engaged. And together they were also Saturday night, when the tragedy took place. He driving a Fiat 500, she at his side.

They are just past 21.30 when, on the Sottomontana road – already the scene of accidents in the past – Volanti loses control of the car near a curve to the right, for reasons to be ascertained. The 500 invades the opposite lane, crashes into the containment wall, then there is the tremendous impact with a Volkswagen Golf, driven by a 19 year old from San Marino, who travels in the other direction. Daniele and Elly die instantly. The 500 is destroyed and is also hit by one BMW whose driver, a 30-year-old from San Marino, can’t avoid the impact. He remains unharmed, while the young man driving the Volkswagen sustains minor injuries: under observation in the hospital, he has injuries judged to be curable in five days.

The torment continues in Romagna. A week ago he had lost his life in a car accident in Riccione Nathan Franchini, 19 years old from Cattolica. Rimini also cries Farah Sfar Hancha, 18 year old from Viserbella, hit by an out of control car while she was going to the bus stop with her little brother: she died at the Bufalini in Cesena after struggling between life and death. Now Daniele and Elly, the two sweethearts who attended the same school, the Volta-Fellini art school in Riccione. Where, today, there will be a moment of meditation: a minute of silence, to remember the two missing boys.

She was a sportswoman, he cultivated a passion for engines. The girl’s father lives in San Marino, who moved to the Republic from Lombardy a couple of years ago. And Elly, just two years ago, left school, friendships and passions to follow her family in Romagna. “She was enjoying herself” say some friends, who learned of the accident on Sunday morning. Elly loved skating, enough to make it his sport for several years. He practiced synchronized ice skating and competed extensively for the Hot Shivers, a Milanese company. “We have a good memory of her – they say from society – She was a girl who loved being together with her companions, who relates perfectly to them as on the other hand our discipline requires. We are destroyed and incredulous”.

Some of the skaters of the Milanese society know the parents of the 18-year-old. “To the mother – says Arianna, one of them – we will send a single message, all together, to make her feel our closeness. Elly was a wonderful girl, we spent many days together and shared wonderful moments. We felt just under a year old. ago for my birthday. I know she was happy in Romagna. I’m sorry not to have looked for her in recent months. I will never forget her “.

Daniele , originally from Modena, lived in Rimini. It is described as a gentle-mannered, respectful boy of the others, don’t worry. He talked about his passion with his classmates and also with his teachers. And when someone asked him about the future, he didn’t rule out dedicating himself to engines, perhaps next to his mechanical father. Romagna mourns two 18-year-olds who are gone. Like their dreams, blown away on a tragic Saturday night.

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