“It’s an arson” – Corriere.it

“It’s an arson” – Corriere.it
“It’s an arson” – Corriere.it
from Ferruccio Pinotti

The 42-year-old Ethiopian, who had created the “Happy Goat” herd, was one of the symbols of integration. A few days ago the first hearing of the shortened rite was set for his murderer, the Ghanaian Suleiman Adams

In the night unknown persons set fire to the car of Agitu Ideo Gudeta, shepherdess and entrepreneur 42-year-old Ethiopian, brutally killed on December 29, 2020 gives
one of his collaborators, Suleiman Adams, 33-year-old Ghanaian, self-confessed.
Agitu’s car it was parked under the Frassilongo house, in the Mocheni valley, in Trentino, where the woman lived and which is still under kidnapping. There seems to be little doubt about the malicious nature of the fire, since the volunteer firefighters of Frassilongo, alerted shortly before midnight by a passing motorist, found a broken window, through which a trigger was probably launched in the passenger compartment.

The charge: voluntary homicide and sexual assault

About the episode investigate the carabinieri of the Borgo Valsugana Company, who spent most of the day in the Mocheni valley conducting investigations. A connection with the woman’s murder seems currently excluded. On the judicial level, in fact, the story is already addressed. Adams admitted: it was he who hammered Agitu to death on the evening of December 29 in the house in Frassilongo where the entrepreneur lived and worked. The accused is accused of willful murder and sexual assault. For the Agitu family lawyers a clear case of femicide, while the defense will aim to obtain a less heavy sentence by supporting the economic motive. The victim – so their version – would be in debt to Adams. A few days ago the first shortened hearing was set.

The siblings of the victim demand justice

“We are here because we want justice for our sister,” said Bethelihem, Yemisrach and Yemi, Agitu’s sisters and brother., who a few days ago were in Trento, arrived from the United States, to form a civil party. In Trentino and beyond, the initiatives in memory of Agitu have taken place in recent months, such as fundraising (1
00,000 euros arrived from all over Italy) of the committee that would like to keep alive “The happy goat”, the woman’s company.

Agitu protagonist of the crib

Agitu, a few days ago, was also chosen as the protagonist of the Ossan crib
a, a small village in the Trentino Val di Sole, the valley where the Ethiopian shepherd had settled after fleeing Ethiopia. The woman was a true symbol of integration: forced to leave her country after denouncing the “land grabbing” that took land from farmers, in Val di Sole she had started a herd of Mochena goats, saving them from extinction. Also for this reason what happened last night appears as a scar on the memory of the killed woman.

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