State of emergency Covid, the government studies the way to avoid the new extension: here is which one

State of emergency Covid, the government studies the way to avoid the new extension: here is which one
State of emergency Covid, the government studies the way to avoid the new extension: here is which one

Keep up the structure and the rules for combating Covid, without extending the state of emergency. This is the hypothesis being studied by the government, in view of the decision that Mario Draghi and his ministers will have to take in the coming weeks, perhaps around 20 December. In fact, at the end of the year the state of emergency expires and the executive is facing a crossroads: to pass a decree for a new extension, two years after the start of the pandemic, or to choose the path of ordinary legislation, regulating with ad hoc rules the health mobilization structure and all the measures related to the state of emergency. To date, the prevailing orientation would be to avoid the extension: the premier himself had defined it as a “path of common sense”, specifying, however, that what is needed will be done. In short, if the work of the legislative offices ends with a black smoke, the extension will be inevitable.

It is not an easy step, what the government is preparing to face. The state of emergency Covid in fact brings with it a whole series of rules that regulate the life of Italians from 2020: from the obligation of masks to distancing, from protocols at work to smart working, from the role and functions of the emergency commissioner up to the obligation of the Super Green pass. If the state of emergency ends, a whole series of related regulations lapses, starting with the commissioner structure led by Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and the ordinances adopted by it.

One of the solutions, for the ‘phase 2’ of the pandemic, could be to entrust the Civil Protection with the tasks that are today the commissioner’s (in this scenario, there are those who hypothesize a promotion of Figliuolo at the helm of the joint top operational command ). Another hypothesis could be the establishment of an ad hoc mission structure at Palazzo Chigi. But these are possibilities that are not easy to realize, so much so that there are those who still believe the main way is to maintain the structure of the commissioner and to approve at least a short extension of the emergency, perhaps 3 months, to give structures and ministries time to prepare for ‘phase 2’.

The ministers of the center-right, however, insist that Draghi put an end to the state of emergency: “He is thinking about it, renewing it would give the wrong signal,” says Renato Brunetta. In addition, parliamentary sources observe, if the government approves a decree for an extension at the end of December, converting it would not be easy in January, when voting to elect the new President of the Republic.

So the push is to insert all the rules related to the emergency in the Milleproroghe decree, which the government should launch within the next two weeks and could then be transformed into an amendment to the budget law. By 20 December – but it is not excluded that it will be sooner – a decision should arrive: to date, they assure Palazzo Chigi, the choice has not yet been made.


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