He shoots a shot at his wife and then commits suicide

He shoots a shot at his wife and then commits suicide
He shoots a shot at his wife and then commits suicide

To discover the bodies were the firefighters, alerted by the couple’s family. Last March a dramatic fire in the couple’s garage

LAWN – He shot his wife with a shotgun and then turned the same weapon at himself and fired. The tragedy took place in an apartment located in a condominium in Via Filzi. The lifeless bodies of the two elderly, she 77, he 72, were found this morning, shortly after 8. They were called Flaminio Nucci and Fiorella Totti.

The alarm was raised by family members who, since last night, had not been able to contact the couple on the phone. So early this morning they went to via Filzi but, despite the numerous bells, no one opened. Shortly after the firefighters arrived on the scene, they forced the front door and entered the house, discovering the two bodies.

According to an initial reconstruction, the death of the spouses could date back to yesterday afternoon. Husband and wife were found close together, the woman sitting on a sofa in front of the television on, with a deep wound in the chest, the man lying on the floor. Beside him the rifle.

The police are investigating to reconstruct the reasons behind such a painful and extreme gesture. In the house no farewell messages were found but it appears that the man, a retired mechanic, was very tired after a fire that broke out in his garage last March. His car had caught fire and the fire had also caused damage to the condominium, forcing the inhabitants to leave the houses until the end of the safety and restoration works. A situation that would have thrown the 72-year-old into a state of great anguish. The investigations continue.

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