sting on illegal streams. Up to € 500,000 fine, even users under investigation!

The Guardia di Finanza has dealt a new blow to audio-television piracy, with a new sting on IPTV. And this time, not only the service providers are being investigated, but also the users!

These are just some of the details of the operation “IPTV Special, started by the Trento Public Prosecutor’s Office and implemented by the economic-financial police unit of the Guardia di Finanza of Venice. At the present stage of the investigations, 70 people have already been reported.

A criminal gang was thus vanquished with IPTV he had built up a turnover of 1 million euros, and which also involved in various ways around 65,000 users who were also under investigation.

The criminal organization was structured on three levels. At the first level there was the technical infrastructure that was responsible for decrypting Pay TV signals (such as DAZN, Sky and Mediaset Premium) and distributing their contents. The second level was that of customers who acted as promoters and resold the season tickets, 49 of them were discovered throughout the national territory. Finally, the third level was that of the more than 65,000 end users who used the illegal service.

The 49 season ticket resellers were commissioned a fine for infringement of copyright which in total amounts to half a million euros. Also at the moment all users who used the service are also under investigation and that they will most likely receive rather hefty fines.

However, this is not an isolated case. Only a little over two months ago, the Guardia di Finanza of Gorizia had vanquished an even bigger organization in the operation “Evil Web. They were 58 websites and 18 Telegram channels closed which generated over 80 million hits a year.

That of audiovisual piracy is one of the sad records that still sees Italy in the head. Indeed we are number one in Europe for illegal downloads of movies and TV series. And this is only a small slice of the pie that also and above all includes software and video games.

Fonte: Venezia Today


sting illegal streams fine users investigation

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