“Uber driver chased by taxi drivers”. Complaint NCC, the reply of Uritaxi – Chronicle

“Uber driver chased by taxi drivers”. Complaint NCC, the reply of Uritaxi – Chronicle
“Uber driver chased by taxi drivers”. Complaint NCC, the reply of Uritaxi – Chronicle

Florence, December 5, 2021 – “What is happening in these days is unacceptable a Florence. Several taxi drivers chase NCC regularly hired by the hour from the American platform Uber, they take them back without authorization, insult them and intimidate them. An escalation that saw the most serious episode happen last night, when a NCC was forced to flee from some taxi drivers and take refuge in the police station Carlo Corsi “in Borgo Ognissanti, denounces it in a note Francesco Artusa, president of Sistema Trasporti, an association for the private transport of NCC cars and tourist buses.

“These taxi drivers did not give up, on the contrary, they called for reinforcements and then all of them were identified. There are about ten people”, explains Artusa. “Our Confederation – he continues – does not have much sympathy for all NCC service dealers, whether they are foreign multinationals or radio taxis, but we cannot tolerate improvised night executioners’ patrols anyway and therefore we expect an immediate reaction from the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella and the Prefecture “.

“People who work in compliance with the law in force – adds Artusa – have the right to be able to do it with serenity, the police will then intervene in the event of irregularities and certainly not of private citizens. Unfortunately, similar cases are not new,” both because of public administrations that have often pampered taxi drivers beyond all reasonableness, even in the most violent fringes, and because of the superficiality of some press organs which, as in recent days, have reported the lies of some trade unionists who wanted the Uber brokerage accessible only to NCCs with Florence authorizations. A minimal verification or search for a replica was enough to discover that it is fake. with the G20 in Rome and as required by law. If, instead of the truth, one seeks provocation, the risk is that others will pay the consequences “.

The replica of Uritaxi

“Chase? Identified ?. Not only the legislation is mystified, now also the single episodes in order to advertise themselves. The taxi drivers spontaneously went to the Corsi barracks called by a colleague who was suspicious of the activity of an NCC di Baths of Lucca that for days, together with others, has been working on Florence “, he says Claudio Giudici, president of Uritaxi.

“Unfortunately – continues Giudici – these NCCs are victims of the” creative “interpretations of shrewd representatives and powerful multinationals, but elusive of the hinges of the law: we are dealing with local public transport. Do you understand what” local “means? we, in addition to having to serve a specific territorial community, must be stationed in a garage and not in the Florentine squares, and directly address a specific clientele, not an intermediary. If all this no longer applies – but we know how instead Nardella and Giani , just like us, they are not of this opinion – that the law of the jungle also applies, but this also applies to taxi drivers, freed from anti-economic protections in favor of users. We will be wary – we have already done it with two others tells stories – those who continue to disseminate false information to protect vile business, rather than the municipal concession of a public service for a local community “.

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