Serie A, the updated ranking: Rome overtaken by Juve and Fiorentina and joined by Lazio

With two games still missing at the end of matchday 16, on Sunday in Serie A Fiorentina and Juventus win, thus overtaking Roma, also joined by Lazio. In the queue points, one, only the Spezia that extends to +2 on the third-last Genoa.

Milan 38
Inter 37
Naples 36
Atalanta 34
Fiorentina 27
Juventus 27
Roma 25
Lazio 25
Bologna 24
Verona 23
Empoli 20*
Sassuolo 20
Torino 18*
Udinese 16*
Sampdoria 15
Venezia 15
Spice 12
Genoa 10
Cagliari 9*
Salerno 8

* One game less


Serie updated ranking Rome overtaken Juve Fiorentina joined Lazio

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