What if we feel scammed by no vax? How many have made the infections worse?

What if we feel scammed by no vax? How many have made the infections worse?
What if we feel scammed by no vax? How many have made the infections worse?

What if we felt vaccinated, cheated by the blind fanaticism of the no vax? How many no vax have made the infections worse? Yes, now the processions have been disarmed, a few tens, after the epic of thousands in the square, but it was necessary to use all the bodies of the Public Order in a war gear, to decimate the numbers, but not the will of an irrational minority? And why not before? Yet the testimonies of infected and repentant ex no vax are not lacking, science is there to prove …

Stanilslav Nizzi is 21 years old, is a health worker and works in Como in an ambulance. On Saturday, during the No Green Pass event, he decided to go down to Piazza Duomo in Milan to make his voice heard. “I experienced the pandemic firsthand – he says – and I came to the streets to convince as many people demonstrating against the Green pass to get vaccinated. I will do it every Saturday, I will take to the streets against fake news. “” I have received death threats and insults – continues the boy – but I am not scared. My intent is to argue my reasons and return to the streets to inform people ”, reports Repubblica.

MilanoToday tells of the near defeat of the demonstration while on their Telegram website a real behavioral vademecum is published to be used against the agents. “The no pass protest in Piazza Duomo in Milan on Saturday 4 December was nipped in the bud. The few activists who showed up in the center to start an abusive protest (just over twenty, according to what was learned by MilanoToday) were intercepted by the police in riot gear and pushed towards the corner between the Museum of the Novecento and Palazzo Reale where they have been identified.

In the initial stages, three activists who refused to provide their personal details were picked up by the police. The police – present in the square together with the carabinieri, finance and local – has identified 202 people of which 7 will be reported for resistance to a public official and refusal to provide their personal details. 34 people were fined for occupying urban areas and 6 for not wearing a mask. 30 expulsion orders were issued and 4 notices were sent to initiate proceedings for the issue of the same number of Urban Daspo.

Also on the afternoon of Saturday 4 December (from 16:00 in Piazza Sempione) a No Green Pass garrison was held, notified to the Police Headquarters, which was attended by about one hundred people.

Shortly before 16:00, however, after having gathered near Palazzo Lombardia, almost 500 people embarked on a procession regularly forewarned, as part of the national initiative No Draghi Day organized by the CUB, in the direction of Piazza Scala where the event ended around 17:30 “


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